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5 years ago
Hello everybody

Me and some friends have decided to found a clan. A Company of Heroes 2 clan.

Our goal:
Out goal is to open up a group of skilled players. To bring a group together of skilled CoH 2 players. But also it should be fun to play with one another. So it would be awesome to play games together, and become a real community! In the future we want to organize matches against other clan.

What else do we want to accomplish:
Every member should be a well tested and skilled player. So we want a get a group together of skilled players and that's fun to play with. Fun should be the main course! Winning and losing will be done gracefully.

Partners - In this group we want to create partnersship as well as friendship. We want to create an environment where people can better themselves as players without having to worry about ladder rank or win/loss. Eventually having multiple people analyzing a replay. So we can bring a larger range of insight on how to improve our game. We’re willing to help people get better in a variety of ways.

Dedication - Getting better at a game takes time and practice, but you can’t expect to get better without putting any effort in your game. We want our members to be dedicated to improve their gameplay and motivated for the clan. We want to build a community together.

Chat - We want to be able to speak to one antoher. So we try to use any kind of voice chat like TS3 or Skype. Communication is very important in any team game. We want everybody to join in the chats. But only if your able to speak good english.

Would you like to join? Do you have any interest in joining?
Then you should add TigerTiger on steam! He is online very often so it won't be a problem contacting him. Try to tell him about your self and why you would like to join. Tell him what intressed you to contact him. And what you like to accomplish for our clan. Most people will get tested because we want a skilled team of players! Unless you are highly ranked you will get tested. The test will be a 1v1 or a 2v2 vs TigerTiger and a mate of his. After that test you will get probation within the clan with other players. With all the clan members we will have a vote. According to those results we will let you know if you are accept of you got rejected. As a clan we will decide if are accepted or rejected.

After being accepted we want you to wear our tagg! And we want to make sure you get to know everybody in the clan!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! We hope to hear from you anytime soon!



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