I feel this game play it really a waste of time

4 years ago
Played 1,300 hours of coh2 recently did feel this game almost to the end, and have to say this is good for, but thq killed declare in advance that the game will die in mine and his boss sega hands. Let me talk about the story of the Soviet Union no brain black, there is no one on behalf of the kind of playing time can also play two times feeling. Besides online, 1300 hours I witnessed the powerful mg witnessed the car sniper terror time, witnessed the fourth one size fits all, witnessed the gross sister five minutes t70 raid, witnessed Elite Tigers a rival, to witness the commando 1cp no pain in a variety of brain GDR etc ... but now some of the practices of mine let me 11 players did daisy a tight, East Germany abolished the well known, the Soviet Union never changes is strong, kept me updated feeling let this game is boring, and constantly adapt, and then again put before an update pushed to play again, hey ... if I did not love this game, I absolutely can not play more than 1000 hours, but it does now fully no power play. Many of my friends have to play 11 3344, and said hard fought only to 3344 look confident, I really do not like the kind of German superiority, because too simple!


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    4 years ago
    Lolwut? Actually, that's a lovely poem, man.
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    4 years ago
    RounceRounce Posts: 633
    its beautiful, truly rivals kubla khan.
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    4 years ago
    No americano
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    4 years ago
    NalanoNalano Posts: 215
    1300 hours of CoH2?

    Hang those spurs, man; you got your money's worth.
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    4 years ago
    TickTackTickTack Posts: 588
    何金星 wrote: »
    I really do not like the kind of German superiority, because too simple!
    I like playing OKH; but prefer Allies most of the time because they're not overly simple.

    OKW is just FOTM. :p
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    4 years ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 929 mod
    Sometimes Google translate fails me also. I've no complaints, I'm sure you speak better english than I do Japanese. In reading your post I understand some of your journey.

    I guess you are saying you've stuck through it thick or thin. This game can bring out the intensity in myself I've not had in other games, and besides it is just dang fun.

    It is frustrating to lose, particularly when you feel it is something out of your control. There will always be some of that. Even with a perfectly balanced game there will be RNG. You can only manage some things like risk, but not control everything.

    I find instead of focusing on what I can't control, I focus on what I can. I have not got to that point that I've done all that I can do to totally blame it on things I can't control. My micro can be better, by tactics and operational pressures, my communication TTP's if I play multiplayer. Every game that I lose that I think I was a victim of abuse I watch the replay. Every time I'm greatly dissastified with my play. There might have been unfair issues but they were pale by comparison of my monumental errors - or sometimes better players or just plain luck.
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