(2 - 4) Kirvani - by Lord Rommel

5 years ago
Hello comrades!
(2 - 4) Kirvani

Welcome to my new map: Kirvani!
The map is basing on the historical battle near Dünaburg in 1944. During the small battle at this non-strategic crossroad the Heeresgruppe Nord was first confronted with the new heavy soviet IS-2 tank. A small StuG detachment was ordered to take the rural village of Kirvani. They were surprised by the 1st russian tank brigade Iosef Stalin. The StuGs asked for help and Hrg. Nord send the Tigers of the 2. company of the heavy tank detachment 502 to rescue the StuGs. In 15minutes tow Tiger tanks were able to knock out 22 soviet tanks as well as infantry and motor vehicles. The battle end in a disaster for the russian tank unit. Hrg. Nord was soon informed about the appearance of the new soviet heavy tank. German army was shocked and enforced the development of the new Tiger II tank to face this new threat.

Have fun with this new map.
I want to say thank you to MaxiKing for his help and testing and EvilSpike for testing.

I would be happy about feedback and bug reports!

You can find the map at the (click)Steam Workshop(click). Have fun with the map
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