Company of Heroes ToV costum map crashes with/or without reason

5 years ago
Okay, first of all I would kindly ask all supervisors to not punish me for this out topic since there is low/or no interest on COH 1 forums,and I am stuck in time because my hardware limitations.

Now the main problem,

I have been making the map of the city in which I am studying, in COH ToV,and it is extra large,almost finish map, and I really cared about details. And now I reached the testing,and with it a huge problem.

So when I start to play a map everything runs fine,except minor frame drop over detailed area. The map has height map from 0-200m ( maybe this is making problem,but city,which I am trying to replicate is city with height map reaching over 400-500 m),also another related problem is that first I had Eastern front mod installed,then to remove the major problem I uninstalled it, and it didnt helped.

So the major problem is that ingame when I play the map,it crashes after 10-20 min playing.I don know why,I tried to search errors in world builder, and corrected all of them,I tried bunch of staff,and didnt worked.

So I am kindly ask you guys to help since I have been creating the map since May (2014), and since I used all my creativity on it (this is my first map) I dont want that my work go in trash.
One more symptom you may recognise is that in minimap/tactical, in game, sea is black,and 1/4, or 1/5 is covered by pink area, as well didnt figure out how to solve this.

This is picture of tactical map,hope that you recognise the city :)



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    5 years ago
    Is it Dubrovnik?

    I don't know much, but you could possibly try stamping stuff to see where the error is. It could take a lot, as seemingly your map is huge, but it should work. Simply stamp stuff from your map to a blank map and run it. Do this, slowly replicating your map, until you find the error. Just my humble opinion.
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