Crash at Launch, and BugSplat then steam update....

5 years ago
Crash at Launch, and BugSplat then steam update.... i have window 8, played 200+ untill now just fine... tried reinstalling, all drives up to date


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    5 years ago
    It says NONE. There is nothing I can select or change. This is not the issue. I've never had a single issue, not even in the Beta itself. I followed the BugSplat links and updated everything and it seems almost to be worse now.
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    5 years ago
    exact same problem, the fix just made it crash instantly instead of after 30 seconds.
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    5 years ago
    For me, it was a video card issue even if I have a great card with the latest update on it. Maybe it's the drivers that suck atm. So, I tried a few stuffs and the only thing that prevent me from crashing is that: Before starting CoH2, Right click on Desktop and choose Personalize. Then, under Basic and High Contrast Themes choose Windows 7 Basic. It will lower your video perfomances while you are playing CoH2. Even if CoH2 is not a strong game on the GPU, there's something malfunctionning (it seems, well for me actually). After you played the game you can put to normal. For now and for me, it is the only way it prevents me from crashing.

    If you want to try these other steps followed here:

    I've tried these, but no luck. Good luck to you.
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    5 years ago
    KKrageKKrage Posts: 1
    Mine still doesn't work. It still just comes up with BugSplat error report then steam update...
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