Sturm Division

5 years ago
Hitman5Hitman5 Posts: 51
We are Sturm Division, a clan for the game Company of Heroes 2. Primarily Axis based, we enjoy large team games and a high standard of play though Sturm Division members are known to play all game modes and wreck stuff in said game modes. If you are interested in joining Sturm Division, please let us know so we can consider your membership. However, it must be said that Sturm Division is not for new players or 'n00bs', so take that into consideration before applying.

Time zone is generally not an issue, considering that there should be Sturm Division members on most hours of the day. Our clan tag is [Sturm Division] so make sure to wear that at all times when playing CoH2 and an account is also required on our website for membership.

You can find us on our website here:

Or on Steam here:

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