looking for a group to play with

5 years ago
KeLaLsKeLaLs Posts: 5
hey hope your all good,

im just after a couple of peeps to play with I play mainly 2v2 as soviets(like a challenge) but will play 3v3 as well iv just got back into coh after many years playing console. did play the original coh many moons ago

sick of playing getting half hour into a game and team mate drops or goes afk :( this time round I have 60 hours played and im level ermmm cant remember now think its 40,i can hold my own but al ways eager to learn and get better so any pointers would be cool,

im aged 32 and from Bournemouth uk and friendly I don't throw my toys out the pram if I loose and expect the same from team mates at the end of the day its only a game(that's taken over my life) I don't currently own a mic but can get one if needed or can type in game don't mind :) im on most nights GMT
thanks for taking the time to read this hopefully catch some of you in game soon,

my steam name is the same as on here


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