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5 years ago
Hello there! Thanks 4 the tools and the guide! I have the following question (COH2)

How do I put "My Mod" into the World Builder so I can create maps for my mod???

I cloned for example Volksgrenadiers and changed much on them also the name.

I tested it in Coh2 Game, selected the mod and it worked perfectly!

I started the World Builder than with help of the modding tools and I can´t find my "New Elite-Volksgrenadiers" in the object placement...

Only the standard Volkis are there...

I didn´t find this question elsewhere ;(

This will be a very heavy, but funny and maybe RPG like 3 Players Coop Map - where every player only controls 1 Hero Unit (probably Officer, Elitesquad, Kingtiger). And maybe an important Standard Unit too.. But get no Ressources from Points - only from chests... It won´t be so good like Coh 1 Destionation Reichstag/Joint Operations, but I want to make that kind of Mission...

But please tell me how I can place the modified units in my world builder...

Thx in advance!



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    5 years ago
    Sounds like you are making that game mode through the Map's ID SCAR or a WCP. If so, you can as well place markers, and spawn your squads on markers' positions with SCAR. See, from SCARDoc:

    ScarPosition Marker_GetPosition( ScarMarker marker )

    Returns the position of a given marker.

    Squad* Squad_CreateAndSpawnToward( ScarSquadPBG sbp, Player* player, size_t loadoutCount, ScarPosition pos, ScarPosition toward )

    Create a squad, spawn it and assign it to a player.
    This will create a squad of size 'loadoutCount' and of unit type 'unit_base' (from squad blueprint)<BR/> Note: loadoutCount will be clipped to loadoutMin and loadoutMax from the squad blueprint. A loudoutCount of zero means create the whole squad as is.

    bool Squad_Spawn( Squad* squad, ScarPosition pos )

    Spawn the entire squad at a given position

    bool Squad_SpawnToward( Squad* squad, ScarPosition pos, ScarPosition toward )

    Spawn the entire squad at a given position

    You can get the sbp by:

    where that complex thing is your ModID, and then the name of the squad sbp. Examplary opel_blitz_squad_mp of my mod.
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