Standard, Collector's and Red Star Editions (and what's in them)

7 years ago
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As a number of people frequently query what is in the Collector's Edition (CE) and whether it acts as a season pass of some sort, I thought I may as well compile a short FAQ here.

The Standard Edition of the game is, as you'd imagine, just vanilla CoH2 without any bells and whistles on. It includes the Operation Barbarossa 1941 ToW content, the ten vanilla commanders and a small number of vehicle camouflage skins. Some of those items require unlocking by achieving a certain amount of progress in-game, but they are nonetheless free and an intrinsic part of the game. (The 1941 ToW is part of the vanilla game and thus not considered DLC, but I mention it here because there is of course subsequent ToW packs which are paid DLC and it's understandable that some people may get confused.)

The ten Standard Edition commanders are:
  • Festung Armor Doctrine
  • Festung Support Doctrine
  • Jaeger Armor Doctrine
  • Jaeger Infantry Doctrine
  • Assault Support Doctrine
  • Guard Motor Coordination Tactics
  • Guard Rifle Combined Arms Tactics
  • Shock Motor Heavy Tactics
  • Shock Rifle Frontline Tactics
  • NKVD Rifle Disruption Tactics
The Collector's Edition could be pre-ordered before the game was released, but is also (still) available as a separate upgrade on Steam for those who have the Standard Edition and would like to upgrade to the CE without having to buy all of its content individually. It contains everything the Standard Edition does, but also gives you the Case Blue 1942 ToW content, ten extra commanders, a multitude of new vehicle camouflage skins, a Collector's Edition faceplate and Steam copies of the original Company of Heroes and both its expansions.

The ten Collector's Edition commanders are:
  • Spearhead Doctrine
  • Joint Operations Doctrine
  • Storm Doctrine
  • Fortified Armor Doctrine
  • Lightning War Doctrine
  • Anti-Infantry Tactics
  • Conscript Support Tactics
  • Terror Tactics
  • Armored Assault Tactics
  • Mechanized Support Tactics
The Red Star Edition was a limited run version of the Collector's Edition available from a number of retailers such as Amazon. It is essentially identical to the Collector's Edition with the exception that it is a physical rather than digital copy and came in steelbook packaging. Here is a promotional screenshot of its content.

Because this issue crops up a lot on the forum I thought I would give it some emphasis: no version of CoH2 acts as a season pass; no future content will be available to you for free just because you've bought a particular version of the game. Only the Case Blue 1942 ToW content is free for pre-order (any version of the game) or CE customers. All subsequent ToW content must be purchased by anyone who wants it.

Thanks, and I hope that removes any ambiguity on this issue. :)
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