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4 years ago
CongurCongur Posts: 15
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Congur here welcoming you to Bootcamp Company!

General info

So, a little bit general info about myself and the clan. My name is Casper aka Congur and i'm a totally new to Company of Heroes 2, and to the whole series. And this is basically what Bootcamp Company is both based and made for the new players. I have not totally decided yet to which direction Bootcamp Company will be taken to later on, but for starters it will serve more as an Community to all beginners instead of a proper clan. I'm especially looking forward to bringing new CoH2 players together, and setting up custom matches etc. for everybody to enjoy together.


The goals of Bootcamp Company are simple - Playing together, enjoying together, learning together and ofcourse most importantly having fun and making friends! The focus will be on finding new "beginner" members, but i also do hope to find more experienced people who are willing to take up the role of some sort of a "Mentor" by being willing and eager to help the beginners fit right in the Company of Heroes community. I am sure that playing together as beginners and having fun will also help the learning! If you like what you're hearing, and you feel like Bootcamp Company is just the place for you, join us!


Notes: I will be setting up some sort of voice communication ofcourse, most propably TS3 or Mumble.
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