ATR Shoutcasts!

6 years ago

My name is ATR, and this is NOT the home of premiere cast! But we do it daily anyways! :p

I do mostly 1v1s with a custom overlay to show realtime info on both player resources and unit production.
[h=1]DBerlatto vs Ir0nRoman[/h]

But im also not a strager to team games (3v3s and 4v4s included)

[h=1]3v3 in Rzhev (Mr.)[/h]
I am currently undertaking the casting of all available games in the SNF5 round of 128.
[h=1]Cobra vs LFD Nikotin[/h]

I also occasionally do upload videos for a series known as Becoming a Hero. It is a live recording of my 1v1 matches where i show off how bad i really am.
Latest episode is a few weeks old.

[h=1]Becoming a Hero #36 - dumbducky[/h]

And lastly, i like to give back. As my channel grows i like to do giveaways. And having just hit 300 subscribers (i know, small potatoes) I am doing my third DLC giveaway this week.
[h=1]300 subs GIVEAWAY!!![/h]

If you enjoy my content feel free to drop by and leave a comment, subscribe if you want to keep up to date, OR DONT, its up to you! :)


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