Some achievements still broken

5 years ago
I am an achievement hunter, following problems still exists. No mods were activated during tests:

- Attrition over Annihilation (Play 250 victory games): Does not count, stuck on 199. While this is stuck, Attrition Expert (Win 100 Victory Point games) is counting.

- M.10 - Zero-Risk Market (Capture the Lublin market square without losing a soldier or vehicle). I only use tanks (T70's) and no unit dies, not even a single soldier at my base. Tried multiple difficulties. Sidenote: On the Steam achievements page it says 'Capture the Lublin market Squad" instead of "Square"

- Blood Toll (Win a game despite having twice as many deaths as kills): This achievement still seems impossible while "Human Wave" (Win a game as Soviets despite having three times as many deaths as kills) works like a charm. Been fiddling with this achievement in multiple ways, no really good way to achieve it.

- Overwhelming might (Win 50 games with a point lead greater than 400): This one stays stuck while "Total Victory" (Win 25 games with 500 or greater point lead) just works like a charm. Achievement did get some counts together with Total Victory, but this one is stuck now.

Anyone else struggling with these problems?


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    5 years ago
    I have problems with Blitzkrieg! achievement, it count the 50 mechanized assault group and the 50 mechanized grenadier group but the ribbon don´t apear
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    5 years ago
    ReMixxReMixx Posts: 276
    Zero-risk market has been broken forever :^(
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    5 years ago
    Slavy87Slavy87 Posts: 12
    Nothing heard yet from CoH support, bump.
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    5 years ago
    Slavy87Slavy87 Posts: 12
    *Bump*...I am gonna keep bumping this until an admin replies...also posted this in the feedback topic for 23rd june patch
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    5 years ago
    Slavy87Slavy87 Posts: 12
    It's time for the bump of the week again.
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    5 years ago
    Slavy87Slavy87 Posts: 12
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    5 years ago
    changm55changm55 Posts: 13
    Achievements are unlocked on steam, but in-game ribbons do not show. In-game, the requirements for the achievements are shown with green check mark, but ribbon status remains 'earned=0'. No matter how many times i redo the achievement, i cannot earn the ribbon (since the requirements are all considered done via the green check mark).

    This issue is present in 3 of my achievements A) Rapid Fire Anti-Tank B) Nothing Left Standing C)KV-8 Specialist

    COH2 v3.0.0.19100

    Other info:
    -Seems to me to be a server side issue. I normally play on my desktop, but when I launch the game with my laptop (second computer), the same missing ribbon issue is present.
    -Issue does not get fixed when I perform 'verify integrity of game cache' via steam
    -3 Screen shots of me hovering over the missing ribbons, displaying 1)missing ribbon, 2) fullfilled requirements with green checkmarks, and 3) Number earned=0
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    5 years ago
    Now the assault gun intel bulletin don apear, even on steam
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    5 years ago
    any suggestions on how to resolve these?
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    5 years ago
    Cinthia told me to contact the "Dev Team", but I don´t know how
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    5 years ago
    I have seen Cynthia reply on a lot of topics here, even back when I was posting this, so i wonder why the Dev's are skipping this....a normal "thanks for the feedback, we have this on our scope and will look into fixing this issue" would have made me happy...
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    5 years ago
    got this after submitting to the sega site... will try to follow segas advice and try to contact steam with the bug... keep u guys posted
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting SEGA Customer Support.
    We are sorry to read that you are encountering this issue with the achievements of CoH 2.
    Please refer to the following article from Steam’s Knowledgebase and follow thoroughly all the steps mentioned:
    Unfortunately here at SEGA we do not have access to the Steam accounts. So we cannot check or unlock an achievement for any account.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    Best Regards,
    SEGA Customer Support

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    5 years ago
    lol this is kinda dumb... got a reply back from sega (below)... not that useful lol...
    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will relay this information over to the developers and hopefully they will address this issue in a future update.
    Best Regards,
    SEGA Customer Support
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    5 years ago
    Hey changm55,

    Thanks for you effort, however, this reply doesn't suprise me...makes me feel like we are stuck in a loop without support...I still need 12 achievements for this game and I am planning on getting them all, so let's keep this topic at the top and hope atleast 1 moderator notices it...
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    5 years ago
    haha yeah, np... should be a easy sync fix... the status of the request is ent sega is still 'open' so if they reply ill let u know
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    5 years ago
    btw for the blood toll achievement, i got it to start counting after i finished human wave by using germans on the pepper ridge map (250points)

    -start pepper ridge map with 250 vp, fixed location, german kampfgruppe vs german kampfgruppe
    -grab the single victory point
    -then send 5-6 sets of engineers to kill 1 single enemy soldier, then just micro and walk along the river until all those engineers are dead (ull probably kill 1-2 more enemy soldiers while ur doing this, but thats ok)
    -victory point count down should finish and ull win the game, check steam to see increase in count
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    5 years ago
    i think the vehicle loss in the pre-mission movie(half-cinematic) counts into a vehicle loss for the player, thats why m.10- lubin zero risk is broken.after that cinematicvideo the interface blends in and controls are online. up to that point there is no winning the achievement by loosing no unit anymore

    edit: looking into a variant to solve this via a modfile, maybe i find a way
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    5 years ago
    Thanks Jenova, keep us posted!
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    5 years ago
    no updates from sega so far
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    5 years ago
    I also checked the mission again yesterday, the exploding halftrack has yellow colors, meaning it's from an ally an not your own army. Yesterday I used a T70 tank to capture Lublin Square (even finished the mission) without losing any health, even avoided the mines and still didn't get the achievement..mhmm
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    5 years ago
    wonder if there are any workarounds hmm
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    5 years ago
    yes you are right i had playercolors disabled( only enemy red and allies blue) didnt see that.
    to smmarize whats behind the goal of the achievement and how its named and defined for the gameengine to apply:

    exerpt from DATA:\scenarios\sp\coh2_campaign\m10-lublin\lubin.scar
    #-- Complete the first objective without losing any units
    #function Achievement_ZeroRiskMarket()
    # if SGroup_TotalMembersCount(sg_p_all, true) < g_startingSquadsCount then
    # Rule_RemoveMe()
    # elseif g_ping_southWest then
    # Scar_CompleteIntelBulletinTask(player1, "camp10_lublin_market")
    # Rule_RemoveMe()
    # end

    this is the scriptfunction of that goddamn achievement.

    maybe someone else has an idea? for short explanationman i almost give it up searching the misstake in the whole scriptingparts, im tired now and i go to bed, amen :)
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    5 years ago
    ReMixxReMixx Posts: 276
    I'm fighting with this damn Lublin market achievement too :mad:

    Do you guys find that the mortar squad is bugged as in it can't move/retreat?

    Have you guys tried not upgrading the M5 halftrack to the quadmount?

    Does "SGroup_TotalMembersCount" refer to only the starting units? If it's all units, then surely we can just produce more than we started with. So that must mean it's the starting group.

    I wonder what "g_ping_southWest" is.
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    5 years ago
    ReMixxReMixx Posts: 276
    I was able to pop the achievement by using that scar script in a custom map.

    I would say it's cheating, but it's really not since the achievement is somehow broken and has been broken for over a year.

    If you're just fed up with the broken achievement like I am, make a basic custom map and add this to your map's scar file's OnInitID() function:
    Scar_CompleteIntelBulletinTask(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), "camp10_lublin_market")

    You can pop all achievements this way if you know the "taskId" which is a string, "camp10_lublin_market" in this case.
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    5 years ago
    interesting... scar_completeintelbulletintask seems to only work for campaign related achievements

    so i guess it doesnt work for the ones im having issues with (since they are all non-campaign related, i tried adding the appropriate taskid's to the scar files but they didnt trigger)...

    this is pretty dumb where a game is broken to the point where u have to "hack" in order to make the game work... quite disappointing...

    anyhow, i was able to find the campaign achievement taskid's for those interested, just ignore the ".xml" file extensions
    • camp01_stalingrad_rail_german_engineering.xml744 b
    • camp01_stalingrad_rail_rescue_civilians.xml739 b
    • camp01_stalingrad_rail_soviet_zeal.xml723 b
    • camp02_scorched_earth_bonus_shocktroops.xml742 b
    • camp02_scorched_earth_no_mines.xml716 b
    • camp03_support_borrow.xml704 b
    • camp03_support_mines.xml702 b
    • camp03_support_t34.xml694 b
    • camp04_kaluga_snipers_only.xml711 b
    • camp04_kaluga_tank_destruction.xml711 b
    • camp05_stalingrad_bonus_bridge.xml723 b
    • camp05_stalingrad_bonus_howitzers.xml725 b
    • camp05_stalingrad_no_katyushas.xml717 b
    • camp06_aftermath_defense.xml708 b
    • camp06_aftermath_halftrack.xml716 b
    • camp06_aftermath_scoutcar.xml709 b
    • camp07_landbridge_close.xml706 b
    • camp07_landbridge_mortars.xml705 b
    • camp07_landbridge_su76.xml705 b
    • camp08_panzer_hunting_no_help_needed.xml730 b
    • camp09_orsha_no_radio.xml701 b
    • camp09_orsha_tanks.xml693 b
    • camp10_lublin_gate.xml692 b
    • camp10_lublin_market.xml700 b
    • camp10_lublin_vehicles.xml701 b
    • camp11_enemylines_armiakrajowa.xml717 b
    • camp11_enemylines_snipedriver.xml718 b
    • camp12_poznan_bonus_rescued_penal_battalions.xml745 b
    • camp12_poznan_destroyed_all_howitzers.xml733 b
    • camp12_poznan_player_captured_both_squares.xml742 b
    • camp13_halbe_no_construction.xml727 b
    • camp13_halbe_no_escape.xml702 b
    • camp14_reichstag_fast_win.xml711 b
    • camp14_reichstag_no_vehicles.xml720 b
    • camp14_reichstag_recrewed.xml720
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    5 years ago
    ReMixx, if u were able to get non-campaign related achievements to trigger using this technique, please let me know how you did it! :D

    Much appreciated!!
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    5 years ago
    ReMixxReMixx Posts: 276
    changm55 wrote: »
    ReMixx, if u were able to get non-campaign related achievements to trigger using this technique, please let me know how you did it! :D

    Much appreciated!!

    Well it works for all TOW scenario achievements too. I can confirm that...

    I haven't really tried for non campaign/TOW achievements. For those you're probably better off finding the function (if it exists) to update your stats -- kill X with Y, etc, and calling that until the achievement pops.

    Something like the MWNL achievements probably won't work either since those are popped during the main menu.

    The easiest way to get the other achievements is to make custom maps with a death pit of already spawned units assigned to you and to the AI. Can confirm this is best method.
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    5 years ago
    thanks for the input!! much appreciated...

    well my non-campaign achievement issues is like... if i have to kill a certain number of units, the counter works... but once i kill enough units, steams achievement triggers but the ingame achievement ribbon does not trigger... when i hover over the achievement ribbon ingame, i see the kill counter has a green checkmark, but i still get "earned=0"

    i found the "camp10_lublin_market" equivalent to the achievements im having issues with (kill_vehicles_dshk, kill_buildings_vehicles_isu152, and vet_kill_infantry_kv8) but i cant seem to find the specific function i need to call to trigger these in-game
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    5 years ago
    DappyDappy Posts: 15
    For these last 3 days I have been trying to make a "basic custom map" so that I too can get this impossible Lublin M.10 achievement. I have never made maps before and the last 3 days I am afraid have been wasted effort. I am unable to complete this. I am not terribly computer savvy and it does not help that I am old. Would you consider letting me use this basic custom map that you created? I have played this mission probably 20+ times in the last year in a futile effort to unlock this achievement.
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    5 years ago
    hey dappy,

    1) drop this file 2p_angoville.sga into your C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2\mods\scenarios folder
    2) restart your coh2 and start a custom game... select the map angoville that doesnt have the soviet icon (the soviet icon one is the original one and the non-soviet one is the one with the mod)
    3) achievement should trigger once u launch the game

    download link :
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