Some achievements still broken



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    5 years ago
    Slavy87Slavy87 Posts: 12
    Hey Changm55, I sent you a PM, could you check it out? Thanks!
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    5 years ago
    ReMixxReMixx Posts: 276
    I uploaded a map to the Steam Workshop. Hopefully I did it right.

    Please let me know if it works!
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    5 years ago
    DappyDappy Posts: 15
    You guys are the best! Many thanks! This mission and this achievement have been a broken frustration for more than a year, with literally hundreds of complaints from me and others to relic. The really sad part to all of this is that players (customers) had to make a workaround. And when they decided to do that, it took them less than 3 days. Relic has done nothing in over 400 days. Sad. Really sad. Once again guys.... thanks a bunch!
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    5 years ago
    still no news from sega support on the non-campaign achievements... =_=;; ....
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    4 months ago

    @ReMixx said:

    Well it works for all TOW scenario achievements too. I can confirm that...

    I haven't really tried for non campaign/TOW achievements. For those you're probably better off finding the function (if it exists) to update your stats -- kill X with Y, etc, and calling that until the achievement pops.

    Something like the MWNL achievements probably won't work either since those are popped during the main menu.

    The easiest way to get the other achievements is to make custom maps with a death pit of already spawned units assigned to you and to the AI. Can confirm this is best method.

    heya man! I hope you don't mind me bumping up this 5 year old thread.
    I had an issue where I unlocked the ToW achievement "Clean Sweep" in Operation Barbarossa's 'Blitzkrieg' mission. I unlocked the achievement, but moments later I bugsplatted. Steam records that I achieved it, but the Showcase Ribbon is not shown, most likely because it wasn't saved before the Bugsplat.
    I tried to use SAM to re-lock the achievement, so I can re-achieve it again to get the ribbon. Unfortunately it didn't work now. I'd like to try and use your method.

    I added you on Steam btw. So, I hope I can gain more insights.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Cheers :):)

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