Please review/fix Soviet Advanced Warfare Commander IL-2 strafe ability

4 years ago
Recently there was some "re-evaluation" of air support in CoH 2. Still, one old issue seems to go untouched by the dev team. This is the Tactical IL-2 Sturmovik Attacks of the Soviet Advanced Warfare Commander (who came with Make Love Not War 1).

Ability Name : Tactical IL-2 Sturmovik Attacks
Commanders w/ this ability : Advanced Warfare Tactics
CP : 8
Cost : 90MUN
Cooldown : 120secs

Short Description :
The ability, after dropping smoke on targeted location, calls an IL-2 Sturmovik that strafes a linear zone, in a single-pass, with 23mm cannons. As the in-game description says, it is supposed to be good "against soft-targets" (which I understand as infantry, weapon teams and light armor).

The main issue is that this ability fails to deal any serious damage on light vehicles and/or infantry (not to mention medium/heavy tanks). It even fails to kill a single member of a Wehrmacht weapon team like MG/mortar. Instead it drops the health down to 2/3...

One REALLY WEIRD behavior...

When dealing rear hits on a light vehicle (like the Sdkfz 222), most of the time, it deals some damage (about 30%) although on rare occasions it may deal even more. It seems to be able to reliably destroy or severly damage a light vehicle when hitting the sides (not the the front). As targets I used the Sdkfz 222, the M5 Halftruck and the BM-21 Katyusha. All these targets behaved the same, when hit from rear/front damage was at most 30% while side hits resulted 90%-100% damage.

I think that this ability is simply messed up and needs some serious review/redesign/fix.


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    4 years ago
    ReMixxReMixx Posts: 276
    It probably had more "bullets" hit the vehicles from the side profile.

    IMO it's not worth its cost in munitions for what it does (light suppression if any to infantry and little to no damage to vehicles). It should be like 30 munitions for what it does now.
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    4 years ago
    i_souli_soul Posts: 99
    And that is the inconsistency! Each bullet seems to deal so little damage while requires a direct hit on target which means :

    1) Infantry get barely a scratch if any as its hard to be hit by more than one bullet
    2) Damage on light vehicles is largely a matter of luck casting the ability unreliable (and useless for its cost)

    The suppress it produces on infantry is non-existent (or close to it) as I haven't seen any unit being suppressed after being hit.
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