Looking for some players to teamup with

4 years ago
Hi folks,

i am [DAY]2Fat4Airborne (freaking 33 years old) [id 2fat4airborne] and i am searching for players to play some nice matches with. I prefer 2vs2 but i think 3vs3 is also an option. 4vs4 is way to spamy. About my playtimes: I am from Germany - UTC +1 and i work in shifts (Early - Mid). So its change at least every two weeks, simply text me on steam when youre up for a match.

If you wonder, i am a member auf DAY Squadgaming. A Team that is focused on Wargame Red Dragon. But after 3 Years i need to focus on something new and a game mechanic that is more my taste. So i try to find some people to experience nice matches and get more efficient each game.

I am considering myself as a solid player in COH2. With [DAY]Gaunt, a player also get into the game from my clan, i have beaten some high level players 2vs2. That might mean nothing cause in the next game some other dudes wipe our asses in a few minutes :-) with some interesting strategies.


Brits - love them atm but still improving.

OKW most of the time
Wehrmacht on occasion

short: capable to play every faction

Add me and we´ll hunting...pm or a reply on this post also works for me :-)
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