Bug Submission Guidelines - Format for Submitting a Bug Report

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Hey Guys!

​To help produce more quality feedback that the dev team can easily read, evaluate and understand, we've come up with a new format for submitting all balance feedback/suggestions. Please note that angry or abusive rants will automatically be closed. For those who choose not to follow the following format, please be aware that it may result in your thread being closed as well. The point of this forum is constructive criticism in order to improve the game for everyone, please keep that in mind when posting.

  • Thread Title:
    • [Faction] [Issue Summary]
  • Thread Body:
    • Description of Bug (Mandatory)
    • Repo Steps (Mandatory)
    • Map (Mandatory)
    • Game Mode/Type (Mandatory)
    • Description of Rig (Optional)
      • OS Version
      • Memory
      • Processor
      • Graphics Card
      • Graphics Card Driver Version
    • Replays/Video of the bug (Optional)
    • Upload Warnings.log file to your forum post: Documents -> My Games -> Company of Heroes 2 -> warnings.log (Optional but recommended)
    • Bug Splat (If applicable - Optional but recommended)

TBF - Team Weapon Re-Crew Bug

Bug Description
Basically buffs applied to brit vehicles/team weapons carry over when the weapon or vehicle is re-crewed and the buff is applied again.

Repo Steps
Simply de-crew a British vehicle or team weapon and then re-crew it with your troops. Unleash the fury of this now Super Weapon.

Lorch Assault

Game Mode
2v2 - Auto-match

- OS: Windows 8.2
- Memory: 16GB
- Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970
- Driver Version: 353.30

Here is a link to a replay of the bug in action: [Some Link]

Thanks Relic, you rock!



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