Steam mates

4 years ago
Looking for active COH2 players to beef up my steam friend's list. I play as much as I can between work shifts. I play all factions except Sov, haven't polished up my skills with them enough to play online. I prefer to play as Wehr on 4v4 with all players.
My current playstyle with Wehr is a reflexive support role. I utilize infantry primarily, & occasionally will call in a vehicle if needed (usually to eliminate a bofors) I try to make sure all secure sectors get caches (2 fuel for every 1 muni) , as well as capping points. I move my trps around to hold VP/fuelpoints & respond to threats on the field. My doctrine layout is between Elite Trps (don't hate) or Jaeger infantry, most often end up choosing Elite Trps for the stunners. If and when I call in a Tiger Ace, it is used as a Defensive asset for a VP. Post your steam info below if interested. I DO NOT VOTE QUIT. If I drop it's because of a real world emergency, I only enter a match when I am free to play without distraction . I am an American on the West Coast.



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