Panther or Tiger?

4 years ago
So I've found myself in this situation many, many times: I'm firmly holding 2/3 VPs, and everything seems to be going my way, but the enemy is suspiciously quiet, so of course, they're mustering forces and are about to bring out either a heavy tank or a few mediums, and a bunch of upgraded infantry to try and wrest control from me.

And each time, I find myself wondering: should I build a Panther, or should I hold out for a Tiger?

So I guess I'm wondering how many people actually build Panthers, and how many are adamant about bringing a Tiger onto the field instead (or first, at least).

I guess another way to phrase this question would be: is there ever any reason NOT to field a Tiger, when the resources are available?

Oh, and I'm talking about 1vs1 here.


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    4 years ago
    Well, I actually like Tiger very much but let me compare them for you.

    -Panther hitpoint is lower then Tiger so tiger should be able to sustain more damage before exploding.

    -I find Panther's main armament more effective against heavy tanks then Tiger's because it's penentration value is higher.

    -Tiger is more efficient against infantry, panther's main gun is really **** against infantry but Panther is faster, it means you can roadkill enemy infantry much easier then Tiger if you are good at micro managing.

    -So here my thoughts about your situation I think you should go for a tiger and some paks, machine guns (Your Tiger will be a barrier to enemy because of it's druability). Some supporting infantry (grenadiers etc.) and most importantly you should have indirect fire support. When you dug in and enemy can not push you back he or she will probably go bombard your positions with katyushas etc. This might be where Panther comes handy you can quickly go kill them and escape even if the enemy notices you are coming Panther's speed will do it. In the other hand the Tiger may not be fast enough to catch them.
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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    It really is a matter of the current situation that you find yourself in at the relevant point in the match.

    I usually break it down like this:

    1) How many cp's until my Tiger can arrive and when I get the 13 cp's required, do I have the resources to get it out immidiately?
    2) How much have I already teched up? Tier 2 or tier 3?
    3) Do i have any other medium armor out already?
    4) What are my opponents army composition?
    5) Do I have an over-the-top excess of fuel or am I just barely hanging on?
    6) What kind of units am I expecting my opponent to field later on?
    7) How are my vp's? Am I on the verge of winning, is he or is it a close match?

    Based on those estimates I make my decision. Which can more or less be summed up to;

    Situation 1:
    If he has alot of inf and little fuel, it usually means that you have less inf than him, but more fuel because you have been taking a beating to keep him off the fuel points. It usually also means that you have little MP because of constant infantry engagements.
    In this situation, I usually find myself rushing up the cp's while having a lot of fuel, but little MP and little tech. I almost always go for the Tiger here, because the amount of armor my opponent can field is minimal and the Tiger is very good against inf. Get the Tiger and use it as a mobile fire brigade, rushing it around the battlefield to break up enemy infantry breakthroughs and support your own advances. After that, either tech up to get panthers out or simply sit on the fuel and play your Tiger aggressively. In case of the latter, push the enemy armor relentlessly. As long as you give as good as you get, you should be fine. Just call in another Tiger immidiately after the first gets destroyed and so forth. Use your infantry to cap all the points in the mean time and your enemy will soon find himself resource starved even though he may knock out 2-3 Tigers in the process.

    Situation 2:
    He has little infantry, 1-2 vehicles/medium tanks and you suspect him to have roughly the same amount of fuel that you have.
    Here you properly find yourself having tier 2 with 1 PIV and a fair amount of inf. Your fuel is properly around 200 and your cp's around 10 or 11. In this case, I'd take a good long look at what I suspect him to be fielding from this point on. If I suspect him to be going for all mediums and more infantry to bolster his ranks, I'd most likely get the Tiger. I need the extra "slugging power" of the Tiger to deal with both his mediums and infantry. Play the Tiger safely and dont overextend. Forget teching up as it will cost your way more fuel than you can afford atm. Get out a stug instead to have the PIV/Stug/Tiger combo effective at all things. Drive off his mediums and target his infantry to slow his point acqusition to a crawl.

    Situation 3:
    You're both roughly even in terms of infantry and armor and you suspect also tech. Your cp's are around 8 or 9.
    I usually try to determine whether or not he's gonna go for a medium to deal with my inf and light vehicle(s), or TD if I've given him cause to suspect a heavy tank from me. In case of a medium, I usually get out a stug to scare it off and try to hold out for the Tiger to deal with both that and his inf. If TD, I'd tech up as fast as humanly possible to get out a panther to run circles around the TD. If Im relatively low on fuel, I'll be forced to go for a couple of stugs instead, though if that's the case, you're usually already on the backfoot.

    Situation 4:
    If our army size and vp count are around the same, but he's managed to cut me off from the fuel, I actually just skip the Tiger altogether and go for a PaK43 with PIV/stug support. Lock down an area and try to get some kills on his armor while building up your own panzer force.

    Its all very circumstantial and hard to give a precise and concrete answer, but in general I tend to go Tiger if facing alot of inf and mediums incoming, and Panther if facing little infantry and TD's.
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    4 years ago
    PastulioPastulio Posts: 2,058
    Panther is the only true answer.
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    3 years ago
    NC387NC387 Posts: 4

    the tiger because it was the best fast, well armored, and well equiped tank in the war

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