Using enplacements.

4 years ago
What enplacements have you found most/least usefull?

I was just wondering since theres a lot enplacements that the british have but they take very much resources and some might not be worth the investment.


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    4 years ago
    pablonanopablonano YesterdayPosts: 2,549
    Foward assembly, its the med HQ from OKW that doesnt risk a de-tech and has weapon racks
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    4 years ago
    only useful one so far is the forward assembly. until relic fixes the leIG, everything else is useless
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    4 years ago
    Whats a lelG? German mg? sorry im new.
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    4 years ago
    y03y03 Posts: 1,075
    Whats a lelG? German mg? sorry im new.
    Infantry support gun. Basically your mini howitzer.
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    4 years ago
    The most useful one in my opinion is the Mortar emplacement + Forward Assembly.
    The Bofors is no that useful. I've used it well in some games and has been very effective, however more times than not it will be mortared to death or just rushed with some armour and some shrecks.
    The 17pdr. IF you manage to find a place where it's perfect to use, the problem is this will most likely be late game and they will be able to overwhelm and destroy it or knock it out with off map or artillery/mortars. Also placing down a 17pdr you're using up 400 MP, 75 fuel AND using 20 population for something that's stationary and is purely defensive, and to get the most out of it you either have to spend ANOTHER 250mp on a Forward Assembly or leave a unit garrisoned in it (personally i'd keep the Sniper in it which still costs 360mp). I'd rather save up and bring a tank to the party to be honest, that way you can assist your front lines with a mobile piece of armour.

    While I stated the Mortar Emplacement + Forward Assembly are the most useful, there are some games where you can't really use either (like my last game where I encountered an unholy amount of Mortar spam from the Germans), and due to the price of 250 + another 200 for the reinforce + 210 for the engineers, some times i'm not in the position to get that down and go for the cheaper option which is deploying a Forward Glider which for 540mp allows me to reinforce, retreat, build Commando's and gives me a 4 man Air Landing Officer unit.

    However overall out of all the things you can build for emplacements, it seems only 2 of them are really worth it.
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    3 years ago
    SAS CommanderSAS Comma… Rule Britannia Posts: 55

    all are useful, but it depends on how you use them

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    3 years ago
    solowingsolowing Posts: 50

    The mortar is expensive, but extremely potent if you can protect it. The FOB is absolutely crucial to the Brits' mid-game, so I guess it's the most "useful" emp.

    The Bofors is super potent and I love it to death, but once enemy players see you have one on the field you can bet your butt it won't be getting any kills. In my experience all the Bofors does is attract a hail of mortar and shells. Against players it's ultimately not that useful.

    Like the Bofors, the 17pdr is hella good at its job, but it rarely makes sense to put one down.

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    3 years ago
    HuntsmanHuntsman Malton North YorkshirePosts: 72

    The problem is unless you stick them covering a control point the enemy will go round it or shell it.
    One of the reasons mobile AT guns like the Achilles and archer were popular they were quick to set up and could move if things got too hot

    When you think about it it is weird the British are defensive in this game when from 44 onwards they were on the offensive.

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    3 years ago
    Salem1Salem1 Posts: 209

    Mortar pits are very useful when you have the map presence to protect them. They are the most "offensive" emplacement.

    I think the bofors is limited in usefulness more so by the things surrounding it rather than itself. You already spent 400 manpower on an emplacement in the mortar pit which amplifies your vulnerability to leigs as it is, and by not getting the at car you constrain yourself to the area around your bofors where a luchs won't kill you.

    Forward base I simply don't make, both because UKF long-range indirect fire is among the game's weakest. It's too much of a risk to make it and a mortar pit, when his leigs can just bomb them both (and the infantry you're trying to heal and reinforce there) from out of range with you having no response. That is also the reason why I place the HQ glider, which is the doctrine I favour, as far back as possible.

    17-pdr is a massive slowdown of your crucial teching because of its immense cost and takes up a ridiculous amount of pop, while being unavailable for offense and an easy target for leigs if it's placed anywhere it could maybe, hopefully, be useful. It strategically makes you more vulnerable to tanks, not less so, because of the constraint that making one creates on your resources.

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