How to counter UKF sniper as OKW?

4 years ago
Thing that worse than Crock, Centaur and KT together - infantry blob with sniper or usually 2 snipers.
Huge MP drain. Can't get close with infantry and light vehicles.
Can't reach T4 and call allmighty P4.

I require assistance.


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    4 years ago
    kingdun3284kingdun32… Posts: 1,090
    I tell u my story of countering sniper spam of british when using OKW. Last time, i wiped all sniper of my opponent that having two sniper ,two tommy squad, a glider hq and officer, an AT gun and vicker ATM. At the beginning, I gave up T2 and built T3 and started converting munition to fuel immediately when I had 3 volks+ a kubel. Lateron, I spammed total six volks for capturing points and I lost my kubel to my opponent sniper. Then, I got my luch around 10 minute mark and I hided it near the enemy base. After I had my luch, I started converting all fuel to munition. Then I launch an assult with my volks from different directions to spot for its ATG, once I discover its AT gun, I ignore everything and keep throwing flame nade to kill his AT gun and its troop to keep him busy to dodge my op nade then retreat immediately. After I killed the AT gun, I immediately rush my luch to the sniper place that firing my retreating volks. Then all his sniper get wiped and I rushed into his base and killed most of its retreated unit and melted his AT gun also lolllll. I have the replay, if you want it you can PM me.
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    3 years ago
    moremegamoremega REDWOOD CITY CA USAPosts: 229
    edited April 2016

    KUBEL, KUBEL, KUBEL! Many players overlook its 50% extra dmg vs snipers. Its fast, its super cheap, its effective, and probably your best counter until mid to late game.

    I always make sure I have one Kubel on the field, even in late game, b/c of its ability to dive into unprotected enemy territory, and cap points.

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    3 years ago

    Suiciding a Kubel is well worth taking down a sniper.

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    3 years ago
    Xutryn_X7Xutryn_X7 Posts: 204

    Luch it's also good

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