(2 - 4) Baptist at Seelow "Summer and Winter"

6 years ago
Baptist at Seelow, a two to four player map inspired by the mission "Written in stone" from Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Feedback, especially regarding balance and bugs is greatly appreciated.

(2 - 4) Baptist at Seelow "Summer and Winter"

Current version:
4p_outskirts_of_seelow_"Summer" (WORKSHOP)
4p_outskirts_of_seelow_"Winter" (WORKSHOP)
Added a winter variation of the map.
Fine-tuned the territory sectors.
Added some more debris.
Adjusted the location of some of the territory points to improve light vehicle pathing.
Added "destruction".
Slightly more variation in the cemetery.
smoothed out the terrain along the river/channel.
More 3D grass.
Corrected a slight mistake with the capture point blocking the exit out of spawn for some light vehicle.
Added functional minimap.
Improved the area surrounding the vicarage/estate.
3D grass.
Added a couple of new ways through outer walls.


In game screen shoots taken with help of [COH2] CheatCommands Mod [Version: Beta 1.00].
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