Grittle's Commander Idea V2 (Comes with Polls!)

4 years ago
GrittleGrittle Posts: 993
First off. I am really sorry I had to make a new thread while my original Idea thread is in the 2nd page.

But compared to the Original Thread, this one now has:

-All 6 Commander Ideas I thought up of now available immediately with 2 never-before-seen ones! Because I only had 1 when the thread started and 90% of the posts surrounded that, which made me feel like the other commanders were being left out of the judgment table.

-Balanced out! I changed a few abilities. Touched up some other abilities that I thought were useless or blatantly overpowered. And added more clarifying descriptions for others

-Polls! Don't want to criticize me by commenting? Now you can choose from polls which of commanders that you liked, and if like none at all, choose that option! But you could give me a reason why, so I can learn from my mistakes.

Breakthrough Company:

0CP: Assault Engineers

1CP: M2 60mm Mortar [Cost: 220 Manpower]
(Grants a 60mm fast firing mortar to break infantry fortifications)

4CP: Recon Sweep

9CP: B-25 Sector Bombing [Cost: 220 Munitions]
(A B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombing is called in for an inaccurate bombing of a sector to scatter enemy defenses)

11CP: M-26 Pershing [Cost: 600 Manpower, 210 Fuel]
(Grants a M26 Pershing Heavy Tank, Sporting a 90mm Cannon and a Thompson-equipped, 5-man elite vehicle crew. Only one is allowed at any time)

HOW TO BE USED: Use Recon Sweep to scout enemy fortifications, then bombard them with B-25s and M2 Mortars, and finish with the American Classic: A Pershing with a side order of Assault Engineers.

Infantry Support Company:

1CP: M2 Half-Track Ambulance [Cost 200 Manpower, 15 Fuel]
(Allows the use of the armored M2 Half-Track Ambulance, Having more Durability and Superior Healing Options* to the default Ambulance)

*[In addition to a slightly longer range of healing, When in Healing Mode, The Half-track can pick up dyeing allied infantry on the battlefield in the healing radius like what the medic bunker did in COH1, but also having the ability to get a free squad of rifleman when you saved 5 men, you can also choose to expend those saved men as free reinforcement from that half-track]

3CP: M1919A6 Browning LMG

3CP: Brother in Arms [Passive]
(All Weapon Crews and Rifleman can now have a maximum of 6 squad members, and Riflemen can now merge with other squads)

8CP: B-25 Gunship Loiter [Cost: 175 Munitions]
(A B-25H Mitchell Medium Bomber will loiter around the targeted area, bombarding it with its Three 12.7mm machine guns, Two 30. Caliber Machine Guns, and a Hard Hitting 75 mm cannon)

9CP: Sherman Calliope [Cost: 400 Manpower, 150 Fuel]
(Grants a main gun disabled Sherman, toting a 60-rocket-strong long range attack that must be manually loaded after each use)

HOW TO BE USED: Support early pushes with the more durable M2 Ambulance. Then support the spearhead with increase squad sizes, merges, LMGS and Calliopes. And pummel any stragglers with the multitudes of lead from a B-25H Gunship.

Mobile Elite Company:

0CP: WC51 Dodge

1CP: Incendiary Grenades [Cost: 30 Munitions]
(Allows Riflemen and Rangers to use M1 Napalm Grenades)

2CP: Thompson Rack [Cost: 30 Munitions per Thompson]
(Allows infantry to get Thompson from the 3rd weapon rack. Increasing short-range firepower and allowing Infantry to move faster)

3CP: Rangers [Cost: 380 Manpower]
(Allows access to the elite Rangers. A 5-man squad equipped with Thompsons, 3 empty weapon slots, and the ability to get weapons from the weapon rack at a 25% discount, If holding Bazookas, Shrecks, or PTRSes, Rangers can Holster them to use their Thompsons similar to the Sturmpioneer's Minesweeper)

6CP: M24 Chaffee [Cost: 255 Manpower, 75 Fuel] [Camo Upgrade: 70 Munitions]
(Unleashes the M24, a Fast light tank with a 75mm gun, can be further upgraded to be camouflaged when stationary)

HOW TO BE USED:? Start with harassment of WC51 hit and run tactics and force the enemy out of cover into the WC51s the power of napalm. Then use Rangers with their ability to hold more weapons from the weapon rack to bolster the power of the WC51s while getting your riflemen do close range assaults with thompsons. Then finish of an armor the enemy has with the light but nimble Chaffe with a 75mm cannon.

NKVD Assault Tactics:

2CP: Shock Troops

2CP: Assault Commissar Squad [Cost: 260 Manpower]
(An Assault Commissar Squad, a 5-man squad(Commissar and 4 Conscripts) Equipped with PPSHes and a number of Abilities*to rally the troops, is allocated to your command)

*[Abilities include the following:]
Rally: The Commissar Rallies nearby troops, increasing speed and defense from suppression for a short time [Cost: 15 Munitions]
Rocket Strike: The Target is bombarded with 10 rockets(an Off-map Panzerwerfer barrage) [Cost: 80 Munitions]

3CP: Manpower Blitz
(High Command Dispatches emergency 500 Manpower immediately, but will lose 300 manpower income over 4 minutes time.)

7CP: OT34/76 Upgrade Package [Cost: 40 Munitions]
(Upgrades the T34/76 into a OT34/76, a T-34/76 modified with a hull-mounted flamethrower)

10CP: Sturmovick Attack

HOW TO BE USED: Start off with the already deadly shock troops, made even more deadly with an Assault Commisar's buffs. and jump-start the road to a Deadly OT34/76 with a Manpower Blitz and Sturmovick Attacks.

Infantry Hunting Doctrine (Ostheer):

1CP: Ambush Camouflage

2CP: Landser Squad [Cost: 350 Manpower]
(Calls in a 5-man Squad of Landsers with 1 MG-42, MP44s, and Anti-Personnel Mines)

2CP: Model-22 Stun Grenades

6CP: Stug III E

10CP: Fragmentation Bombing

HOW TO BE USED: Support the hunting of pesky infantry with camouflaged Landsers, toting MG42s and an assortment of traps to trap the enemy infantry. Then Continue Infantry hunting efforts with fragmentation bombings and Stug III Es.

Superior Infantry Doctrine (OKW):

2CP: Panzerfusiliers

3CP: Infiltration Tactics

4CP: Veteran Squad Leader [Cost: 60 Munitions]
(Grants the ability to give Volksgrenadiers, Obersodalton, and Panzerfusiliers a veteran MP-44 equipped Panzergrenadier to lead the squad. not only increasing the squad-size by 1 permanently, but also giving passive defenses and the ability to sprint. in the case of the Panzerfusiliers, the Panzergrenadier replaces 1 of the squad-members.)

4CP: Sd.Kfz 251/9 "Stummel" Halftrack Assault Gun [Cost: 200 Manpower, 50 Fuel]
(Grants a Stummel, a Sd.Kfz 251 Halftrack that holds a 75mm low velocity cannon and coaxial MG. Can be used as a Makeshift Stug III and as a reinforcement point for allied infantry)

12CP: Artillery Assault

HOW TO BE USED: Show the Americans that the Fatherland has the Superior Infantry: Panzerfusiliers, Infiltration Tactics. Superior training of Squad Leaders Supported by Artillery and Stummels.

Raiding Doctrine (OKW)

2CP: Sd.Kfz 250/3 Funkwagon Vampire Halftrack [Cost: 220 Manpower, 20 Fuel]
(Allows the use of a Funkwagon, a Halftrack with the ability to leech off of resources from an enemy sector, can passively camouflage and has the ability to locate enemy infantry at a great range at later vets. Gains vet from other unit's fighting.)

2CP: Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squad

3CP: Raiding Tactics [Toggled, Converts 30% of Munitions income into 25% Manpower Income]
(Diverts 30% of Munitions to aid Spies to raid enemy supply caches, Increasing Manpower rate by 25%. Can be toggled on or off)

3CP: Fallschirmjager

4CP: Artillery Flares

HOW TO BE USED: If your starved of resources. Then why not steal them from the enemy? scavenged our dead foes for munitions to be used for raiding purposes. then income gained from the raiding will support our raids of enemy outposts with Jaeger Light Infantry and Fallshirmjager. All while leeching our enemies supplies with a Funkwagon.

Joint Ambush Doctrine (OKW):

2CP: Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squad

3CP: Infiltration Tactics

3CP: Ambush Training [Cost: 65 Munitions, Snipe Ability: 25 Munitions]
(Grants Volksgrenadiers and Jaeger Light Infantry a Sniper Squad mate. Not only permanently increasing the squad size by 1, but also granting the ability camouflage in Heavy cover and to snipe enemy infantry with a munitions cost)

4CP: Flammenpanzer 3 [Cost: 200 Manpower, 65 Fuel]
(Grants the Flammenpanzer 3, a Panzer 3 Outfitted with a Flamethrower)

5CP: Vehicle Camouflage [40 Munitions]
(Gives Tanks the ability to cloak when stationary and gives the ability to hold fire)

HOW TO BE USED: Support the Art of Surprise from both armor and infantry. our Jaeger Light Infantry and Ambushed trained infantry will ambush the enemy early on. Then soon, our Armor will also hold the ability to ambush the enemy with lead and fire from our Flammenpanzers.

Grittle's Commander Idea V2 (Comes with Polls!) 58 votes

I liked the Breakthrough Company
ValkyrieQuibenGrittlehon3ynutsDurklugFrozenGamerObstTugs_O_NoodleHptGefr HEFTIGWhiteRook 10 votes
I liked the Infantry Support Company
Grittlehon3ynutsDurklugFrozenGamerObstTugs_O_NoodleHptGefr HEFTIGWhiteRook 8 votes
I liked the Mobile Elite Company
ValkyrieGrittlehon3ynutsFrozenGamerObstHptGefr HEFTIGWhiteRook 7 votes
I liked the NKVD Assault Tactics
Grittlehon3ynutspinguino132FrozenGamerObstHptGefr HEFTIG 6 votes
I liked the Infantry Hunting Doctrine (Ostheer)
GrittleDurklugTugs_O_NoodleEpiC FAiLedmondbeanHptGefr HEFTIG 6 votes
I liked the Superior Infantry Doctrine (OKW)
Cultist_kunGrittleDurklugFrozenGamerObstEpiC FAiLedmondbeanHptGefr HEFTIG 8 votes
I liked the Raiding Doctrine (OKW)
Cultist_kunGrittleEpiC FAiLedmondbeanHptGefr HEFTIG 5 votes
I liked the Joint Ambush Doctrine (OKW)
ValkyrieCultist_kunGrittleDurklugEpiC FAiLedmondbeanHptGefr HEFTIG 7 votes
I liked none of the ideas given here (Please Post Why)
HptGefr HEFTIG 1 vote
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