Cars with infantry inside them. My Idea to make them better

3 years ago
Now, I have tried WEEKS to find a Recon42 ApprovedTM Picture/Joke to represent some eye candy so people would actually read my thread. But Even I cant find anything not dull or boring with these guys:


And there is a M3 on for Mechanized Company, but everyone knows its so bad that they didn't bother to upload a picture for me to use. So there's exhibit A!

Now, On to the 2nd most important part of this thread: What is problem?

There are many problems prevalent with these abilities, but Im focusing on the 3 biggest areas:

1) CP cost (Specifically for the M5 one)

2) Actual Unit effectiveness

2.9) Manpower/Fuel Cost

Now, for 1, this is mostly OK with most units, but the M5 in particular suffers heavily from this problem, as the Assault Guards it comes with are practically useless at 5CP. Now, I understand why: M5 Quad 4 minutes into game = NOT OKAY, Bbbbbutttttt, in doing so, it made the ability useless, even more so since you HAVE to get T3 to get T4 now in days.

2 and 2.9: I said there was 3, but these two are intertwine, to figure out this mystery, I have brung... A MAGNIFYING GLASS! wait, this is a computer, no need for that!

The point is, the battle groups cost too much for their effectiveness, and the Pgren and LMG gren ones are the biggest offenders of that. And even when you can afford it without massive setbacks, its too late into the game, as the 250 or M3 trucks are easily dismantled by literally anything in the battlefield. and in the case of the M5: unless your not going to go T3 AT ALL. you might aswell use this.

For my Solution!

The solution is simple really.

Step 1: make the infantry that comes with the trucks automatically vet 1 everytime.
B-b-b-b-b-but Grittle! muh free vet!

Dont even argue on me on this one. The ability
  • Comes too late
  • Cost too much (and cost fuel)
  • and usually can get the unit non-doctrinally, so why bother?
Not only would it make it more enticing, it also makes it more useful!

Faster vet 2 = more accuracy = more usefulness out of the truck at earlier time = more PLX NURF 250 2 OP threads = a very happy Grittle and a very annoyed Super Mod! Everyone is Happy!

Now for the Optional Buffs!

1) Buff Assault Engies (make em 5-manned and/or give them tommies)

2)Replace Assault Guards with Lend-lease guards, Using SVTs with the upgrade of 4 Thompsons or 2 Bazookas, both are 75 Munitions. and put them in the halftrack OR have the Lend-lease guards be its own call-in and remove the halftrack overall from the doctrine. also removing the vet 1 bonus too ofcourse.

3) increase the armor/health of the 250 and M3 trucks

Oh and if you can, reduce the CP requirement of the Halftrack by 1, if you keep it.

Oh yeah, and here this weird poll I found in the dumpster....

Oh yeah, someone actually has made a Mod including my Ideas here :

Credit goes to the person who made this mod.

Cars with infantry inside them. My Idea to make them better 12 votes

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