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Do you like Bears? are you hungry for good games? me too! We should hunt for good games together. Let's call our pack The Angry Bears, TAB for short.

What do The Angry Bears offer?

  • A non-elitist environment. The pack consists of Bears that have many different skill sets. Some of the senior Bears train cubs in the * ways of being good.
  • Organized game play. Known as "the hunt"; finding a good game has never been easier.
  • A mixed game environment. Some Bears hunt solo, others in packs.Some on CoH2, some on other games.
  • Time zone presence. The Bears are global. EU, NA, and AUZ are all well represented with Bears conducting regional hunts.

So you want to be a Bear? You'll have to agree with our vision and meet the bear minimum requirements.

-Pack member spiky teaches cubs on how to operate a Maxim-

The Bear vision:

The Bears are hungry for good games. Bears can be independent hunters but sometimes they hunt as a group. They are graceful in defeat and modest in their wins. Bears like casual fun and messing up the status quo. Bears support each other but may eat each other if they are too hungry. If the bears get bored they'll hibernate. Some Bears strive to make top 10 and compete with their fellow Bears.

  • The Bear minimum requirements:
  • You are 18+ in age
  • You have played more than 300 hours of CoH2
  • You have a working microphone
  • You have TeamSpeak
  • You have Bear jokes to share
  • You'll wear clan tags if accepted

-President Napalm rides the remains of a scuttled Tiger after the Battle for Honey-

Still interested?

How to join the hunt:
The pack is lead by many Bears if you are interestend in joining The Angry Bears. Simpy hop on our Teamspeak server ( and look for a Bear with a recruiter logo (The Monopoly GO Logo).
Play some games with the recruiter and other Bears. You must receive three paws up from Bears. That means you must play at least three games with three different members.
Having a Bear related user icon will increase your chances of successful recruitment.

Want to arrange a match? Add some Bears to steam and get it going!


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