CoH MOBA mode

4 years ago

I'm not much of a modder or a developer but I have such a great idea. If you can make this happen, then make it happen because it's brilliant.

I propose a MOBA like gameplay for CoH where you control 2 (two) infantry units that gain strength over the course of the match (like in all MOBAs). Instead of "buffs" you find in the "jungle", you get your typical oil and munition points in CoH2. Once these points are captured, the team "base" (or HQ in CoH language) send in "minions" to statically defend it from the enemy. These "minions" get stronger and stronger over the course of the game (think Obersoldaten before they were nerfed x2). (They automatically move in cover btw and almost all points are protected by heavy green cover).

Upgrades and abilities (like health buffs, movement speed buffs, suppression resistance, armor) will be bought at the HQ just like in MOBAs and that's how the units you control get stronger. In the team base, you can also buy tanks. Here's the kicker: you can control tanks BUT you have to give up your 2 infantry units and just like in CoH, tanks can't capture units. Tanks cost, however much they should cost - light tanks cost less than medium or heavy tanks.

In this CoH MOBA, instead of champions, you get - yep - you get commanders where there are, let's say, 8 "abilities". The first two will always be the two infantry units that you get to control. The other 6 "abilities" will be varying abilities like recon plane, special weapons upgrades, off map artillery call-ins, that one tank (maybe super tank) or mobile artillery that you get to control, etc. Obviously, abilities and tank/unit call-ins costs MP, muni and oil just like regular CoH.

The objective of the game is obviously Victory Points and there are always 4 players on each team. So it's a 4v4 or 5v5 just like in most MOBAs. There will be up to 6-10 player controlled units at any point of the game + AI controlled infantry units protecting the points that you've captured.

Well, that's just my idea. Feel free to steal it, Relic or modders out there.


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    4 years ago

    As for the 8 abilities per commander and the first two units being the infantry units that you get to control throughout the game, just think of the one-two combination that you can have. 2 MGs, 1 MG and 1 mortar, 1 sniper and 1 infantry, 2 infantry, 2 snipers, 1 engineer 1 sniper - whatever ! To anyone who took this idea seriously, make emplacements count as one of those units you get to control so a player can't technically have three units - and they have to destroy the emplacement if they want to call in a tank. You get the idea.

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    4 years ago

    Really great idea

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