9 emplacements 2vs2.

3 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today I was playing a match with a buddy of mine. We were doing a 2vs2 on the map Road to Kharkov.
We were facing two British armies with the Emplacement commander. They made them till the end of the game, in total 9 emplacements! I will attach screenshots of those emplacements and I also numbered them.

My suggestion is that you can place max 2/3 emplacements in a game of AUTOSEARCH. So you may still spam them in your own made up matches against AI.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

Kind regards,



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    3 years ago

    Scroll down for screenshot 1.

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    3 years ago
    BigBearBigBear Posts: 94
    edited April 2016

    Good grief. I noticed the emplacement spam has gotten a lot worse lately. Team games playing as Axis have gotten a lot more challenging. With emplacements you need a good mortar team (preferably the halftrack with incendiary, fire is very effective against emplacements). I preferably would destroy the 17-pounder first with a tank flank since it doesn't auto rotate. Then it shouldnt be too hard to take down the others. I find the that Elefant tank (with spotting scope for long range hits) and the Brumbar are quite effective at leveling emplacements fast. Elefant can 4-shot a 17-pounder and bofors. The hard part is not destroying the emplacement as much as it is preventing new ones from springing up quickly since anvil engineers can construct them in like 10 seconds. You must rush in with troops to fill in the vacuum.

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    3 years ago
    BosworthBosworth HamburgPosts: 4

    What fraction did u play? If u are OKW (at least one of u) – get a Jagdpanzer IV and/ or a „Püppchen“ and snipe his Emplacements. Make sure u have infantry (or for ex. a Pz IV from your buddy) support cause both unit are very vulnerable vs opposing AT infantry. Elephant? Much 2 late – takes 2 long till he is there !

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    3 years ago
    CmeckiCmecki Posts: 1

    ty for help, maybe next time we actually might be able to counter that emplecement spamm:)

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    3 years ago
    ValkyrieValkyrie Posts: 2,132

    A Puma will outrange (and outspot) the Bofors, and a Jagdtiger will outrange the 17 Pounder.

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    3 years ago
    PanzerFaustPanzerFau… NoPosts: 284

    well those MGs aint gonna help you. youre 30 min ingame with no inf. Anyway try to counter placements before they happen, ie good early game, those boforts dont build themselves and a Mortar pit will cost him 1.4 Tommie sections. Personally I hate emplacements and Ill only build an MP at most.

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    3 years ago

    Those emplacements are static and cost too much compared to equivalent Ostheer or OKW units. To outplay the UKF you just need to stay mobile and move quick enough. Just force them to brace their emplacements and start an advance on it.

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    3 years ago

    Don't forget that mortars can drop smoke. You could try dropping smoke on top of a bofors, then rush it with shreks and nades, as well as fire from the mortar itself.
    Bundled nades are getting a buff soon, so shrek + bundle nade should take off a big chunk of health (use smoke to allow yourself to get close enough to use both).

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    3 years ago
    WunderKatzeWunderKat… Posts: 730

    @Valkyrie said:
    A Puma will outrange (and outspot) the Bofors, and a Jagdtiger will outrange the 17 Pounder.

    Not true. 17 pounder has 80 range and the jagd has 70. However, the 525 front armor of the jagd is actually very effective at deflecting 17 pounder shots.

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    3 years ago

    I faced against this exactly in my latest 2v2 game. 2OKW vs. 2UKF. I saw them going Emplacements early and reacted with 3 LeIG's and a stuka. My ally also got a stuka. It wasn't enough though, the brace and repairs were too much. It was basically a stalemate until our VP's ran out. I really feel like the Stuka is a little unreliable, they sometimes hit in between the emplacements and deal lesser damage.

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    3 years ago
    Xutryn_X7Xutryn_X7 Posts: 204

    It's funny because if you hit emplacement you will not deal always full damage because you actually"miss" it and thats stupid.New meta,at least 2 vickers to bofors+mortar=GG vs OKW(maybe for Ostheer too)

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    3 years ago

    you should be going 2x ISG against someone with more than one emplacement. Just be patient and tear them apart, they can't keep that up.

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    3 years ago
    ArdanotusArdanotus Posts: 21

    funny how ppl try to justify this spam and come up with great strategies, but the only solution to this cheese is make upkeep higher for so british will be punished heavly when building 3+ emplacements nerf the manpower income by 80%

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