[Soviet] Advanced Warfare Tactics Commander - Tactical IL2 Sturmovik Attack ability

4 years ago

A little intro...

Advanced Warfare Tactics Commander was introduced in CoH2 during MWNL#1 event. In my opinion it was a really nice commander and still is to a large extend BUT... The last Commander ability named "Tactical IL2 Sturmovik Attack" is actually not working quite right after a nerf it got many many months ago...

The ability and its issue...

The ability is a single pass strafe run that costs 90MUN that comes at 10CP. Anyone that used this Commander ability a few times knows that this ability is really weird (if not broken) since most of the time it fails to do anything. What do I mean? It doesn't suppress infantry, it is rather weak in killing soldier models in infantry squads or weapon teams (even injured ones), it does nothing to medium armor and is pretty unreliable in dealing damage on light armored vehicles.

I short words, most of the time it does nothing more apart from raising dust clouds and draining your munitions! Sometimes it manage to deal significant damage to light vehicles but I can't tell when or how I can reliably use it.

Its one of the most unreliable ability I can bear in mind in a rather good commander and its like this for several months now (since a nerf shortly after the commander's release), I think before even Western Front release!

Making it do something useful in a reliable way would at least make this ability not a void one...

P.S : I, amongst others have raised the issue long ago but I 've seen no action towards this so obviously unreliable/broken ability. I just wait when someone bothers to look into it!!!


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    4 years ago
    PanzerFaustPanzerFau… NoPosts: 284
    A bad ability in an otherwise (imo) good doctrine. What I want them to do first is make Urban Warfare useful.
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    4 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    For its performance it would be cool to come in faster or without smoke
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    4 years ago
    i_souli_soul Posts: 99

    @thedarkarmadillo said:
    For its performance it would be cool to come in faster or without smoke

    Yeah, but even in that case, the damage it does is so low (killed a single model in a Gren squad that was left with 2 models) that even if you are get hit by if you may not even notice it or it won't force you to retreat.

    At least suppress infantry and deal significant damage to light armor/weapon teams in a reliable way?

    The suppression would fit the "tactical" part of its name...

    As is now the ability should be renamed into "Waste munitions watching an IL-2 passing"!

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    4 years ago
    Sri_vakaSri_vaka India Posts: 45

    They should replace it with some meaningful ability as the current one does nothing. It is also difficult to land and has literally no effect on medium tanks or light tanks.
    It would be better if they replace it with Sturmovick straffe or Incendiary barrage.... to counter paks and werfers.. nonetheless the rest of the commander is absolutely fine. Please do something Relic. :neutral:

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    4 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948

    Just making it the classic IL-2 loiter would solve the problem. It's not like Axis is lacking or nerfing AA units anyways.

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    4 years ago
    ADMADM Posts: 35

    @comrade_daelin said:
    Just making it the classic IL-2 loiter would solve the problem. It's not like Axis is lacking or nerfing AA units anyways.


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    4 years ago

    Ok, lets face it. All Soviet off map call in abilities are crap. But still this "Tactical IL2 Sturmovik Attack" can do one thing: it takes 50% HP of OKW trucks, just like bombing strike nearly destroys them but is two times more expensive.

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