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    Balanced_GamerBalanced_… Posts: 200

    Battle Royale is the answer for COH great o:) .

    More game mods. Maybe something hectic like "Free for all". Sounds ridiculous but may be a fun idea.

    Some idea and concepts similar to Heroes and Generals, skins , customisation. War mode. Pick favourite faction and play for domination. Gain points for winning the war or something like that! Gain experience and so forth. More incentive.

    Skins for infantry.
    More different upgrades.
    3 and 3 factions or more.
    Either WW1 or WW2.
    Authentic music, military marches inspired by WW2.

    Above all, improve on this franchise and stick with WW2. This next COH3 will be great for sure. Looking forward to it 2020 or 2021. Hopefully a lot sooner!

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    Some Coh2 suggestions:

    Make the Axis factions more diffrent from each other. For once give the Stug an AI & AT role. Not a tank destroyer role. Its should be more similar to a Panzer IV, just without the turret. Best would be the late war Stug with the coaxial MG and "Saukopf".

    Minor detail but I hope Relic does changes the unrealistic HMG animations. The gun and the Tripod should be split into two parts when packing up.

    The tripod was carried on the back.

    More unique faction mechanics:

    USF get access to a speical non doctrinal building the radio station. Allows to call in air strikes and aerial reconnaissance in exchange for menpower and fuel.

    Axis have access to strong non doctrial tanks like Panther or Tiger. But those tanks can only be repaired at a special building the Strabokran.

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    Customizable Units

    Customization is a big thing for me (and others I'm sure) in games and would like to see customization in CoH3. I made a Wishlist post about 'Customizable Commanders' and now I will talk about my idea for customizable units. Personally, I hope that CoH3 has much more units and abilities that would make customizable units great. Also, I think a more modern COH3 game (like the idea I posted in an earlier CoH3 post) would make customization fantastic. I would love to hear feedback on the idea(s).

    The custom squad can be selected from the main/first building locked behind a 2CP. The player would get to customize only one squad per faction with faction appropriate abilities, weapons, and outfits. When in the squad customization menu, the idea would go something along the idea of this:
    Squad Name Choose the name of your custom squad.

    Squad Size Choose the size of your custom squad between 1, 4, or 6 person squad. NOTE: If making a custom sniper, the 1 person squad must be selected as it shouldn't/wouldn't be available for the 4 and 6 person squad sizes.

    Outfit Choose the outfit of your custom squad. Includes faction appropriate uniforms and headgear.

    Weapon Choose the faction appropriate weapon the whole squad will use. NOTE: Must be regular infantry weapons and not crew/team weapons.

    Abilities Choose three (maybe two if three is too much?) faction appropriate abilities like explosives, passive abilities (like Camouflage), build abilities, upgrades, and more. NOTE: Custom squads cannot build base buildings nor resource structures. Bullet abilities are weapon dependent. If two or three weapon upgrades are chosen for the abilities, the player can only choose ONE for each custom squad sent to the battlefield.

    Deployment Choose how your custom squad enters the battlefield:
    -Normal (Arrives onto the battlefield on foot)
    -Vehicle (Faction appropriate vehicle will deliver the squad to the battlefield. Example: M3 Half-track Assault Group)
    -Ambient Building
    -Glider (British Only)

    Description Give a short description of the squad.

    Note: In CoH2, the Soviets are the only ones with female units and if there are factions in CoH3 with females, an extra gender option should be included: All male, all female, 50/50 mix, Random Mix. With Random Mix, a random mix ratio of males and females in the squad will happen every time.

    Here are examples with the factions with CoH2:
    -(Soviet) Name: Front Line Troops. Size: 6. Outfit: Headgear - Standard Helmet (SSh-40?), Uniform - Guards Rifle Infantry. Weapon: PPsH-41 Submachine Gun. Abilities: Molotov cocktail, Tank Traps, Satchel Charge. Deployment: Vehicle (M-5 Halftrack Transport). Gender: All Female. Description: Kill, build, or destroy, this all female unit is eager to rush to the front lines and prove themselves in war.

    -(Wehrmacht) Name: Hell-Raisers. Size: 6. Outfit: Headgear - Stormtrooper Helmet, Uniform - Officer. Weapon: Gewehr 43. Abilities: Ambush Camouflage, Model 24 Stielgranate Grenade Assault, Fire Panzerfaust. Deployment: Ambient Building. Description: This group will do everything it takes to stop the advancing enemy.

    -(Oberkommando West) Name: Saboteur. Size 1. Outfit: Headgear - Sturm Offizier Hat, Uniform - Sturmpioneer. Weapon: Scoped Kar 98k rifle. Abilities - Camouflage, Booby Trap Territory Point, S-mine Field. Deployment: Ambient Building. Description: A lone saboteur stalks the battlefield to help the main army achieve victory.

    -(USF) Name: O.S.S. Purge Operative. Size 1. Outfit: Headgear - Pathfinder Helmet, Uniform - Major. Weapon - Scoped M1 Garand. Abilities: Camouflage, Demo Charge (Player Detonated), Rapid Barrage. Deployment: Paradropped. Description: The O.S.S. Purge Operative is sent in to cause as much damage to the enemy as possible to ease the American advance

    -(British Forces) Name: Urban Assault Team. Size: 6. Outfit - Headgear - Sniper Helmet, Uniform - Commando. Weapon: Sten submachine gun. Abilities: M2 Flamethrower, Gammon Bombs, Distribute Medical Supplies. Deployment: Vehicle (Universal Carrier) Description: Specializing in urban combat, Urban Assault Teams can secure a town or village all on their own so the main force can focus elsewhere.

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    @SAS Commander said:

    @The Big Red 1 said:
    I say The Pacific, Europe is too simple, too obvious
    at 0:47 seconds here's the reason why relic should go against the rules

    why pacific, you'd need naval implements and that's not really in COH fashion....

    No, actually you don't need naval implementation for that, but it can be used as an alternative for a base, since US marines live in the ships while IJA can use underground type of structures as bases.

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