coh2 ardennes campaign help

4 years ago

is it impossible to complete if your company strengths get too low? i didnt realize you will have limited reinforcements in battles from the company strength...i spent all my requisition on upgrading my companie. is the campaign broken for me now then? i cant even beat 2 strength territories cause i run out of reinforcements even if i play really careful.
also are the rangers still bugged in the campaign (dont start with bazookas?)


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    4 years ago
    TheSoldierTheSoldier Posts: 1,105

    You have to upgrade Bazookas in your company commander, or otherwise swap them out with their ability (which is similar to the Sturmpioneer's ability to put away their minesweeper for that extra StG-44).

    Each turn, if a company didn't take part in battle, it will automatically regain 5 strength. So if you have a severely damaged company early on, you can ignore it for a coule of turns and then it'll have regained some of it's strength. Also, try not to waste too much requisition on reinforcements - it reduces veterancy and costs you those valuable points.

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    4 years ago
    somenbjornsomenbjorn Posts: 72 mod

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