3 years ago

Sorry Sega but you have to improve your Matchmaking i thins this screenshotts says more then words.. I have more oh such screenshots with not balances MM!!!!


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    3 years ago

    Theres the screenshoot is this fair?!

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    3 years ago
    ImperialDaneImperialD… Posts: 3,050 mod

    If you're pointing to the prestige ranks. They're that. Prestige ranks. They don't actually have much inherent value. You can have someone with 3 stars and still be terrible.

    Secondly could have been a slow point and you just got matched with them because there were no one else around. That's also a factor to keep in mind.

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    3 years ago

    yes you´re right but this ranks says ok this people spend a lot of time playing the game... Normally you are better then one with no prestige rank (normally :D)

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    3 years ago
    LunchpaketLunchpaket Posts: 20

    cant stop laughing about you sega you just patch the ranky away but still a shit matchmaking!!

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