Royal Engineer Regiment

4 years ago

This commander is fine except for the 'Anti-Building Flame Mortar Support' ability. It's use is so incredibly specific and limited that most of the time it can't be used, or is a relative waste of ammo for what it achieves.

As several factions have flame artillery call-in I recommend renaming it to 'Flame Mortar Support' and making it a standard area denial incendiary call-in. I understand that people might have wanted to make this more unique and different to existing call-ins, but in its current state the change simply makes it much less viable, or effective in the few instances it can be used.


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    4 years ago
    MikeHaggarMikeHaggar Posts: 635
    I have no idea what it does, whenever I use it, it does nothing.
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    4 years ago

    It basically destroys any small physical object in the game. So if you want to deploy a truck in one place, but there is a wall there, or a bush, you can blow it up and then deploy there. At the moment something as basic as a wooden fence can stop you, as oddly trucks can't crush a lot of things they probably should be able to.

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    4 years ago
    MikeHaggarMikeHaggar Posts: 635
    What? That sounds useless and totally counter to its description. I always assumed it was meant to be used on garrisoned units in buildings from the description, but it never seemed to do anything.
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    4 years ago

    I've just realised that I posted thinking this was a totally different thread. Sorry, that's why my reply doesn't make any sense.

    As you say the ability drops incendary bombs on either occupied buildings within the selected area, or destroys any small Axis buildings, such as any fuel/ammo depots or bunkers. It drops bombs several times over a fairly long period. But it's very rarely useful, and often not a good return for the ammo it costs.

    Sorry again for the confusion :neutral:

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    4 years ago
    MisterMafMisterMaf Posts: 28
    edited April 2016

    Yeah, the thing honestly does very little for the cost and is of very limited use, especially on non-urban maps. There's nothing it can do that the AVRE can't do 10x better. Hell, the Firefly's tulip rockets will do a better job at clearing a building. I think it would be much better as an ordinary offmap support that can be targeted anywhere, at the very least.

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    4 years ago
    BigBearBigBear Posts: 94

    The key with the incendiary ability is to keep sight on the occupied buildings. Then it will automatically target occupied buildings. When the unit exits the building and enters a new building, the mortar hits the new building, and so forth. However the ability tends to be a bit slow to acquire targets and the flame damage isn't very high compared to a flamethrower.

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    4 years ago
    HuntsmanHuntsman Malton North YorkshirePosts: 72

    If the flame artillery could target infantry on the ground then I might use it otherwise it's just useless on maps without garrisonable structures

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