Jagdtiger, close the pocket arty, Jackson concerns..

3 years ago

Some notice things that made it very difficult for Soviet and USF to counter against Axis players in 2vs2.

First up, The jagdtiger:

Is there any reasion that this unit should be able to sit and snipe out Soviet, USF tanks from safe distans anymore? Yeah i know flank, but with what? Best bet for soviet may be a couple of t34/85 (still commander depended), but decent player want simple let this thing being unprotected (lel), so before even taking it to half health youre wiped by schreks, invincible rocketat(why in word they should be able to comaflage now more is an another thing i cant see any reason for!? Sence Soviet requare spec commanders for that, still the rocketat moves fast as hell while have this ability activate and the retreat order making it a joke to take a risk to attack anything (lel again). Anyway, giving this unit the same range as the elefant and isu should help a little to give it a change to fairly taking it out. Its already perform well without the long range. About the usf, maybe a swarm of easy 8 could do it, jacksons pen that cant hardly pen a panthers front along with its pathing is right out of the question.

Jackson: A buff to the acceleration would help this unit survive alot of frustrating moments wher it has to start turn around becouse grass is in its pathway, with its paperarmor and low health it need to do the order caring out to it and not start doing stuped turns instead that often cost you losing it. Also, the pen of this thing is pretty bad in late game i think.

Close the pocket arty: This ability is pretty much a joke in 2vs2 for only 200 mun, almost as terrible the ary cover for the UKF was before it got nerfed. This ability goes on for about 45 sec and destroying every teamweapons, troops, light and medium tanks. Taking heavy tanks down to minimum health. You need to retreat everything to youre base becouse appearently this ability outomaticly kills everything in any sector you happen to have a troop/tank at. Is it really as it should all this for only 200 mun? It could go under the same term as when the UKF's air superiority "gave the player no change to doge, or - the arty cover that "created frustrating experiences to the receiving player". It need some sort of nerf.


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