Close the pocket Arty

3 years ago

Close the pocket arty: This ability is pretty much a joke in 2vs2 for only 200 mun, almost as terrible the ary cover for the UKF was before it got nerfed. This ability goes on for about 45 sec and destroying every teamweapons, troops, light and medium tanks. Taking heavy tanks down to minimum health. You need to retreat everything to youre base becouse appearently this ability outomaticly kills everything in any sector you happen to have a troop/tank at. Is it really as it should all this for only 200 mun? It could go under the same term as when the UKF's air superiority "gave the player no change to doge, or - the arty cover that "created frustrating experiences to the receiving player". It need some sort of nerf.


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    3 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,790
    If there was any more counter play for this ability it would be worthless. It requires you to cut off the enemy, all of whom can build caches (the direct counter to...everything this doctrine has to offer) its not like a stuka dive bomb that all the enemy needs is munitions, you need to actually work for this, and a victory via close the pocket is one WELL earned
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    3 years ago
    ImperialDaneImperialD… Posts: 3,019 mod

    Here is the important bit that immediately stands out when reading your post. You are describing it as on the same level as Air superioritty and artillery cover.

    Here is the problem. Both of those were abilities you simply aimed and clicked.

    And here is where things get tricky. And a bit worrisome. Because in your post you are neglecting, to mention one of the most defining features of close the pocket. It only works on cut off territory. Otherwise it's basically a mortar bombardment on all frontline sectors

    So when you make a big post describing it as being OP yet completely failing to mention that one very important bit of it. And how you apparently keep suffering from it yet with no mention of even trying to counter it. Because it involves watching your map control and flanks.

    Well one has to wonder if you are even trying to counter it ?

    Because close the pocket usage can basically be boiled down to this. If you pull it off. You earned it or your opponent deserved it

    It is an ability that depending on the map can be surprisingly difficult to pull off. And as mentioned, caches can easily thwart it as well.

    So yeah. i see no reason to nerf Close the pocket. It is a rarely utilized ability that is tricky to pull off and actually requires some skill. It is not a fire and forget ability that can be used to cover your rear. It requires actual planning ahead.

    And you want to nerf that.

    Again. No.

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    3 years ago
    LazarusLazarus Posts: 4,017

    UKFs ability was click and forget. You could drop it anywhere you wanted that wasn't the enemy base (and it still covered the enemies base anyway). This ability ONLY works on cut off territories - and ONLY as long as they're cut off. Not only do you have to have your territories cut off, they have to remain cut off for the duration of the ability.

    Close the Pocket is one of the most balanced end-game abilities in the game.

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