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    5 years ago
    NiradNirad Posts: 206

    @ColonelRadec said:
    Mrgame 2 has a really good point. Sturms dont really feel like they should wield the shreck. They are squishy and are ment for assault, adding the shreck reduces the role. Leave the package with the volks, but it requires the set up of two trucks and eliminates the snare. As mrgame2 said, the reduce damage of AT vs inf prevents the volks from beign effective agaisnt everything. Which was one of the problems. Maybe even revert to the old nades when you upgrade, to downgrade there effectiveness vs inf. Also the nerf of the LM seems a bit harsh. Now they will come in late and will have a lot of cons and no pros. I dont mind the nerf its just why not give it another strenght in some were like else. Like giving it increase range or bring down the CP to 6 or 7. Gotta take care when you nerf units, since people will throw em aside when its to much. Like the calliope, the reduce size in missile was good but why reduce the amount launched, now you need 2 which are expensive and take unnecassay pop cap. Same goes with the churchill, even with the price reduction its still not a viable option.

    I really don't want chreks on Volks. Let's stop trying to get relic to go back on this change. Regardless of what tech requirements relic adds, people will still blob chreks in 3v3 and 4v4 and it's exhausting to play against, especially UKF when don't have a good "calliope" equivalent. I just had a 4v4 game where my OKW opponent had a blob of like 6 or 8 Volks with chreks late game just trolling around owning all Allied tanks along with a KT. It was literally unstoppable and pathetic at the same time. Chreks on sturms or remove them. So tired of it.

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    5 years ago

    Regarding the new Counter-Battery on Advanced Emplacement Regiment - I would suggest allowing you to cancel the ability after the same cooldown as the current ability. Right now the current change (munitions cost plus timed ability) is good but the duration of 40 seconds completely locks you of the ability to produce units with no way to turn it off.

    This is a huge downside and makes the ability pretty useless because you almost never want to be locked out of production for that long just for the hopes of correctly guessing an incoming barrage to counter-barrage. The current counter-barrage only works because you can toggle it off fairly quickly.

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    5 years ago
    Xutryn_X7Xutryn_X7 Posts: 204

    @Nirad said:

    @Xutryn_X7 said:
    Make some AoE adjustments to Ostwind,similar to Brummbar which it's pretty good right now.

    Then centaur needs to be adjusted too. Since it's nerf it's been pretty bad in my experience. It's extremely slow and hardly kills anything. It was just free experience for chreks.

    Of course,maybe just a little damage increase for Centaur or some tweak for AoE.i'm not sure but they should be a little better vs infantry,i mean at least on par with cromwell or pz4

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    5 years ago
    Boris_yeltsinBoris_yel… Posts: 104

    In lend-lease guardians riflman on m5-have 6 svt, fixe it

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    5 years ago
    omar_empomar_emp United Arab EmiratesPosts: 533

    Churchill needs a buff in smoke ability as it moves very slow and not worth waste 50 fuel and 200 MP to get a Churchill at end it need to make it stronger to get people more attracted to Churchill than comet .

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    5 years ago
    Reza RazorReza Razor Posts: 16

    I don't get why should Land Mattress be delayed to 8 CP while there is a more deadly and more mobile and better in any way walking stuka is availble for axis sooner.
    why? what for? for which reason? axis palyers don't like it?

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