The Infamous "Error 183"

5 years ago

Hello Community and staff! I appreciate you reading my post.

As i'm sure a lot of people know, the error 183 is an incredibly annoying and frustrating crash.
I have CoH 2 on steam of course, and have clocked exactly 80 hours on it. My first 40 hours went great, I played the U.S.A campaign completley, a couple of Multiplayer games, learned the factions, (I have played CoH 1 for over 600 hours, and purchased Master addition Copy of CoH 2) and had a good time. The first time i experienced the crash, i was playing montherme (mod) and about 40 min into the game i crashed. I though noting of it, then it started to happen frequently mostly on 4v4 and 3v3 maps. at about 60 hours, it started to happen all the time. going into the stats menu after game, launching, closing, in game. its happening on 2v2 and 1v1 maps now.

I have completely uninstalled the game from not only steam, but my PC's hard rive as well, Allocated disk space, checked cache files, anything i could think of. Nothing has worked.

I have, HP-pavillion windows 7 home premium, and Intel core 2 quad CPU, DirectX 11, AMD Radeon HD 6450, and 32 bit 60hz Resolution.

If anyone can help i would appreciate it dearly.

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