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4 years ago
SHB2099SHB2099 Posts: 20
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Notice:The post below not only about bug issues,it also involving balance,wishlist,safeguard customer legal rights and so on.So please don't feel strange I post these content here,and not to close my thread.
British Force has the most serious AI problem among all five factions.(all of the phenomena or problems listed below are under Expert British CPU/AI)
1.Expert AI never uses Hawker Typhoons while US Force AI can often use P47 Thunderbolt. So I think these problems not only bug issues,but also involving balance problems because if you play as Allies,British AI will be your worst teammates,they are under performing!
2.The British Expert CPU almost can't use the Sexton correctly,AI doesn't use it as an indirect-artillery-fire,but always use it as a normal front-line main battle tank! I never see AI use Sexton fire even just one shell.(I only can see AI fire Sexton's main gun in some mods like "all units mod",however,it only uses Sexton correctly in very few situations.) But US Forces Expert AI can use Priest as an indirect-artillery properly.Now,AI only use Sexton as a victim!That is so disappoint me!
3.British AI currently never use Firefly's Tulip Rocket Strike even if AI has upgrade the tulip rockets.But I often see AI use German's Jagdtiger's ability called APCBC-HE shells.Another related problem is players never see AI use some special commanders even if these players have purchase them in the in-game store! For example,I wish I could see AI use Pershing Tank & use Pershing's special ability! I think those players have the rights to request Relic allow the AI in their game to use those special commanders which they have purchased.
I really think Relic put the British Force DLC into the market even without getting the new Force's Artificial Intelligence ready,Relic was so hurried to publish the British Force DLC !


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    4 years ago
    MikeHaggarMikeHaggar Posts: 635
    Every time I've played against UK AI it was basically unplayable, the AI would just build a ton of emplacements right away and kill anything that got near them, then flooded the map with Cromwells. Meanwhile when I play as UK they start off very weak and take a while to get stronger.

    In general mobile artillery like the Sexton suck due to doing next to zero damage. The Priest is way better than it used to be but the Sexton is useless.

    Other than the Walking Stuka the AI doesn't know how to use any artillery vehicles. I've only seen US AI use a Priest a few times, and it would just drive it up to the front line to be used like a Bren Carrier, where it gets blown up easily.
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    4 years ago
    SHB2099SHB2099 Posts: 20

    @MikeHaggar , If you who think my opinions are right or important, please click the "Vote Up" button to let Relic and the community attach importance to my posts,and this will make it more possible to let Relic accept my opinions and apply them into COH2. Let's make COH2 better together! Let's wish a better COH2!

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