5 years ago
SkajellafettySkajellaf… Posts: 14

I have 93 entries of maps (mostly COH1 community conversions, never a factory map) but for a year now I (nor my steam buddy that helps me & has contributed on all of them) cannot upload a map. Have we been flagged??? We've been extra careful to give credit IF we can from COH1 info files.

But now when we try & upload, we both get a generic yellow triangle with NO number when you roll over it. I have made several help tickets with STEAM, SEGA & Relic, and each has blamed the other. I have this posted in steam forums, fan sites forum & notta. It's REALLLLY getting old.

If there IS a limit in either maps or MB, that's fine... all we want is to know. There MUST be a developer or someone at RELIC that made the roll over error to begin with that can answer this, but it's been over a year and still nothing. I'm hoping this new forum may provide a solution. :/

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