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5 years ago
Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin
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Welcome to the War Spoils Open Beta!

Please post all feedback related to the new War Spoils system in this thread.


All feedback not directly related to changes made by the new system (i.e. the new War Spoils features) will automatically be removed or deleted. At this stage we are not looking for ideas to add new or addition features but rather how we can tweak the current features to possibly make them better. For example, this is not the place to post or rant about how you think the system should work, rather it is a place for you to give feedback on how to make the new system work better.

Bug Reporting

All bugs found with new War Spoils System and ONLY the new War Spoils System should be posted in the War Spoils Bug Reporting thread. All other bugs need to posted in the general Bug Reporting thread in the forums.

Balance Feedback

Please note that the War Spoils Open Beta build is using the same balance changes found in the current Balance Preview Mod. For those interested, this will be a good opportunity to test these changes in auto-match and provide feedback in the Balance Preview Feedback thread.




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    5 years ago
    Captain_MCaptain_M Posts: 2

    Great idea with a progress bar towards a loot drop! It gives meaning to leveling up and removes the RNG frustration from the previous system.

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    5 years ago

    I am currently playing and what is the golden S?

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    5 years ago
    IkamIkam Posts: 2

    How many is daily limit?

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    5 years ago

    Do we need to download 28 gb o_O again ?

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    5 years ago
    digital23digital23 Posts: 17

    I do not like the new system with bulletins, i really suggest that you guys increase the numbers to make them more useful since they are pointless to even have right now. Increase more of the 3,6,8% stuff to 10,15 at least or there is seriously no point of using any bulletins at all.

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    5 years ago
    OrcaOrca Posts: 74 admin

    There's a trick you can do to save some time if the DL size is an issue for you. If you go to the steam client, right click on Company of Heroes 2, then select properties, then under the LOCAL FILES tab select BROWSE LOCAL FILES. You'll find the game files here.
    From here you can copy the "Company of Heroes 2" folder and rename the copied folder to "Company of Heroes 2 - Test Build".
    Now go back to Steam right click on Company of Heroes 2 - Private Test. Select Properties, then local files, then hit verify integrity of game cache.
    Steam will then check all the files and only give the the differences between the live game and Alpha.
    If you have a good connection it might just be easier to let Steam DL for you though.

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    5 years ago
    lordbebech123lordbebec… Posts: 9
    edited May 2016

    Thats great tip Orca! I wonder why i haven't tried this by my self already. I hope that everything after that 'trick' would work properly. Will try it and let you now. I have downloaded 50% so far now , though x)

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    5 years ago
    Doktor_SDoktor_S Posts: 134

    Hi All,

    I havent started yet due to work commitments, but will soon. I have a quick question/s:
    Do all of our current bulletins carry over to the beta?
    If we scrap a few, does that mean we lose them in regular game as well?

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    5 years ago
    MisterMafMisterMaf Posts: 28
    edited May 2016

    For some unfortunates such as myself, Steam doesn't recognize games installed that way without already having the appmanifest file. Otherwise, when you try to install it, it will say "Discovering existing files...", but will then just download the whole game anyway.

    So, if anyone happens to have the .acf file for the test build and would be willing to upload it, I'd be eternally grateful. It's going to be in your steamapps folder; if you open it with a text editor like Wordpad or Notepad++, it will tell you what game it's for. For example, CoH2's is "appmanifest_231430.acf", and when you open it, you will see "Company of Heroes 2" towards the top.

    With the file present in the steamapps folder, Steam will automatically recognize the game as installed, whereupon it can be updated properly.

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    5 years ago
    The Big Red 1The Big R… Daly City, CA, USAPosts: 681

    quick question how do u get the war spoils open beta thing i searched all over the steam store and i couldnt find it.

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    5 years ago

    ^^ has you become an mail whit a Key ...?!

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    5 years ago
    The Big Red 1The Big R… Daly City, CA, USAPosts: 681

    @Veloceraptor said:
    ^^ has you become an mail whit a Key ...?!


  • #14
    5 years ago

    You must use this key on the Steam account you applied with.

    1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
    2. Click the Games Menu.
    3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam.
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
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    5 years ago
    biglemon29biglemon29 Posts: 3

    Suggestion: Greifing players lose 5,000 points each time they greif

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    5 years ago

    @biglemon29 said:
    Suggestion: Greifing players lose 5,000 points each time they greif

    quit a match before you has end the match or a 15min has reaches

    is a good idea...

    but 5000 mmm
    a back ground ticket system was call by the sentence

    1st = 500
    2nd = 2500
    3rd = 5000
    per week sanction

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    5 years ago
    GbpirateGbpirate Posts: 63

    I don't like the new change that limits bulletin duplicates. It would be better if all bulletins stacked. If that proves to be OP in certain situations the additional values can be changed each time an extra bulletin is stacked. So if there's a 4% reload on PaK40 bulletin (hypothetical; this doesn't exist to be my knowledge), instead of getting 4% + 4% +4% (12%) increased reload it would be 4% + 3% + 2% (10%) or even 4% + 2% +1% (7%) reload. Bulletin stacking seems to help in certain cases and it makes me feel like I'm making a strategic decision before the game even starts (maybe I want 3x Maxim suppression or fire rate bulletins or maybe I want 3x Stug reload bulletins).

    Thanks for making this open beta, though, Relic. I really appreciate it.

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    5 years ago
    FelinewolfieFelinewol… Posts: 690

    I heard this puts an end to 3x bulletins stacking, yea.

    • And I do agree bulletins ought to be buffed somewhat in that context.
    • Their values were low when they could stack, perhaps adjust them now?

    Velociraptor :
    - Hello Daniel ;)
    - Use english :) / And no, I am not a CD key that became my mail ;)
    (It's okay, I know him) :)

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    5 years ago
    MusketmarineMusketmar… Being a USF ParatrooperPosts: 68

    I got a British Bulletin, when I only played USF games...


    Annnnnnnd the bulletin is pretty much useless unless/until I buy a British commander that uses Commandos...

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    5 years ago
    Hawk1911Hawk1911 Posts: 4
    edited May 2016

    I'm totally against the whole gutting of my entire stock (currently at 1020 which is the max amount) of bulletins that are only really useful if you double or triple stack them. The Devs at Relic MUST know this is the case so why then are you doing this mass "salvage" when the patch comes out rather then, I don't know, giving the customers the choice? It should be quite an easy fix to add an allotment for 3 maximum duplicates in your new system so why go with such a blanket decision?

    On that note of just having a ridiculous amount of duplicates, the line about ALL duplicates are treated as the same value, which would be fine if that meant they all had the maximum amount of return on time invested but not when it means that my RARE commanders which for just one as an example I have 8 Rifle Companies. Yet in the store they are worth $4-5 dollars but somehow now with this change they are literally worthless. Does Relic and SEGA intend on modifying the cost for all of these doctrines to properly show their worth? Also considering that Doctrines rarely drop regardless of their rarity in general yet somehow they are worth as much as a white common intel bulletin that no one will ever use?!

    I liked a few things about the change but those items are probably the most contentious in the entire thing, that and saying that "drops that were given by modded games do not count", because I grinded on a custom map for these drops yet used no "mod" (whatever that means) so for you to tell me that those literal Thousands of hours (2348, 90% of that number is grinding) are totally meaningless simply because I used a custom map that does not make your decision look genuine.

    So far on the Steam forms where the page was posted for the upcoming beta changes everyone has agreed with those 3 points, they don't like having their hard earned hours belittled into having to be on equal footing with common items, they do not like the idea of loosing their actual valuable and useful duplicates (max of 3) being arbitrarily taken away from us rather then letting the Customer decide.

    I hope that you'll reconsider your decisions and make the right changes.

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    5 years ago
    GalstukGalstuk Russia,KirovPosts: 1

    In a word Super!!! The balance was improved!
    Please, translate some units into Russian. Their name is displayed with a mistake. (Forgive for the fact that has written it not in that topic)
    P.S. Continue in the same spirit, you on a right way. My congratulations to the Relic team.

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    5 years ago
    FelinewolfieFelinewol… Posts: 690

    In context of end of stacking bulletins, it would be nice to get a general buff to them.
    As the change nerfs the overall value of individual bulletins. Also, this way, it would help
    newbies as they could enjoy their worth equally with veteran without having ... 1050 duplicates.

    • Destructions of duplicates. Agree with you. That the amount of supply retrieved following
      destruction of the duplicates be consistant with value of said item. High for rare commanders,
      skins, less for common commanders, skins, etc and so forth.

    • I also hope we'll lose the ability to destroy items we own...
      Drives me nuts that I can delete anything I bought from Relic, but I can't destroy custom items grrr :)

    • BTW : I'd love better system for destruction/management of custom items.
      I GOT WAY too much. Any thoughts?

    **** ALSO - PLEASE - How about if you have 3-6 skins of a same type, they could merge into a set?
    So I could add a full set, take it off as a set, instead of having to click 18x+ times to change a set for
    another? Thank you. (Being careful not to delete them accidentally, too)

    • It'd also be nice if could have option of only seeing official relic items and/or customs with a single click :)

    • Same for maps. I got WAY too many custom maps, etc. Please make it easier to sort through maps, etc.

    • This applies to bulletins too.

    ***** ALSO - PLEASE, PLEASE - Can you fix it so that dual-faced bulletins (German/Soviet, German/USA) come
    with 2 icons, showing whichever are appropriate depending on faction chosen?

    Drives me nuts that as USA, most of my bulletins are Panthers.
    And most of my bulletins as soviets are MG42 and Panzer 4s or StuIIIGs.

    Won't take much effort, relic. / Pretty please? / It's not like you have to draw any more icons, either.
    Just asking for them to display faction-specific :) Please. You've already put background flags and music
    depending on faction chosen...

    Just this tiny small change would increase immersion SO MUCH MORE.

    Another note : Just read in rules that there is a limit to how much loot/supply can be acquired using a mod...
    That seems to apply to Relic May preview patch :/

    Could you make it so that rules are clearly visible, with a countdown visible? Removes confusion. Thank you :)

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    5 years ago
    CyanaraCyanara Posts: 18
    edited May 2016

    It does feel like a bit of a blow to find that 30 duplicate commanders are needed to get one I want. Basically, if something has an already established (and significant!) real-world worth like commanders do, then people are going to be alienated to receive peanuts in exchange for what they see as their amassed virtual wealth.

    I guess it's padded out by however many other duplicate items I have, but I'd really like to hear if there was any rationalisation for putting a flat refund price on every type of item. Otherwise I would strongly advocate offering tiered refund prices (based on percentage of market value) to avoid community backlash. The news about the farming mod refund price made me laugh out loud though :p

    I also strongly feel that bulletins should be reworked before releasing these changes. As other people point out, they are almost entirely worthless without stacking. Since the new system will allow people to obtain the bulletins they want without the hassle of achievements or random drops, it makes sense to rework them to something at least slightly meaningful before the final release. I appreciate that's easier said than done, but once again backlash from the community would be reduced if bulletins were revised/deleted before people started buying them and then having them revoked (unless it was for a full loot refund).

    Edit: After realising that you deliberately can't salvage non-duplicate drops, I definitely feel that needs to be changed. Having to hope for a duplicate to salvage for currency keeps a large amount of the randomness and lack of control people currently hate about War Spoils (particularly when so many bulletins are pointless).

    Ideally, you should not receive items that can be bought with currency as drops. It's redundant and takes away player choice. Currency should be the main reward, supplemented with possible bonuses that can't be purchased. But according to the thread instructions, such things sadly aren't likely to be considered.

    For those interested in an alternative view on how drops could work, Highfiveee has some nice suggestions.

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    5 years ago
    KithKith Posts: 144
    edited May 2016

    Please let us salvage items that we do not have duplicates of. If I have no interest in using X Bulletin or Y Commander or Z Skin, I'd rather have the opportunity to get rid of it entirely. There are many bulletins and commanders that I'd like to turn into Relic Banana Dollars.

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    5 years ago
    Warlock546Warlock546 Posts: 3

    2 things: sometimes after a game I get a message "game could not be verified" or something and I get no points. No idea why.

    And playing a 4vs1 game against an easy ai should not give the same number of points as a 1vs2 against expert ai, or player matches.

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    5 years ago
    Doktor_SDoktor_S Posts: 134

    @Kith said:
    Please let us salvage items that we do not have duplicates of. If I have no interest in using X Bulletin or Y Commander or Z Skin, I'd rather have the opportunity to get rid of it entirely.

    I too concur with this option. I never use Sturmtiger and do not see a need to keep the bulletins associated with it.

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    5 years ago
    BlazeBlaze Posts: 3

    People would play more to try to get triple bulletins. At the end is the most important to keep the game alive .
    I think we should not delete relic repeated bulletins or remove the stack because we're going to spend the coins people who already have all bulletins and commanders.
    I remember in the early bulletins were being made coh2 getting achievements.

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    5 years ago
    SteillSteill Posts: 4

    I definitely like this new system but Im sorry to admit it: it wont work outside open beta walls. The reason is pretty simple: played against friend (~30 min), got 500 points for game and 1500 for victory, played against expert ai (~50 min), got another 2000, played against easy ai (~10 min) got 2000 too. Points you earn not depending on time played, your or your enemy skills, your effectivness in match etc.
    Obv if this system will be launched as is everyone gonna farm warspoils 1x1 against easy ai or those who smart enough will farm it in pairs with scripts that automatically launches a game, does nothing 10min and surrenders after so game stats will be recorded.

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    5 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948
    edited May 2016

    @Ikam said:
    How many is daily limit?

    24k points, with winning being 6k points each time you get a drop, that means four games if you win all of them; five if you lose all of them.

    I don't like the idea of removing duplicates since for most of them, that's the only way to make them remotely useful with a strategic drawback. The argument seems to be "well few people use them", but that's hardly a good reason to remove a feature, is it?

    @Grandpapy said:
    This beta is a small step in the right direction but here is what I think is missing:

    • Direct supply rewards every game played
    • Supply rewards based on game length
    • Supply rewards multiplied by player rank difference (AKA underdog bonus)
    • Flat supply in Vs AI based on difficulty, but no points

    • Bulletins that impact customization like the passives in Ardennes Assault single player

    No stacking is a good thing.

    -Idea seems to be that there's still a "XP bar" system and a RNG base for getting stuff. It works, if a bit cumbersome, and I think Relic doesn't want instant reward bonus every game because it prevents getting random drops. Direct supply rewards is also a chance drop, so you can technically get a lot of supply points every time you get a drop for a while. In any case, there will come a point where any duplicates you get from drops will become supply points, so you get exactly what you wanted.
    -Basing on game length will just lead to farming; people will just load a match and either alt-tab or go to the mall while PC is running and rack up points.
    -I do think a dynamic system like finishing a match against X number of players should be considered, it makes the game more rewarding by scaling with the amount of challenge. Large matches naturally require a different playstyle and involving fighting against or with more units, so there should at least be a small bonus to larger or more difficult matches; playing against human opponents, the scale could be done according to their automatch rank level; equal level means normal loot points, whereas a high level player beating a nub will only get a smidge.
    -I'm not sure what you mean by flat supply but scaling to vs AI AND granting no points.

    Stacking bulletins was never a bad thing, so I don't see why it needed to be removed. If anything it makes it remotely relevant since you can actually get a desired bulletin.

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    5 years ago
    vilevile Posts: 4
    1. 1:-What about previously deleted bullitins/commanders. I asked for more space & was told in an e-mail thankyou for your feedback, So I deleted 350+ bulltins/commanders, this can be checked on my accouunt & that of others forced to do the same, will this be taken into accouunt in any way? 2:- I also think that decicive win/loss should have a bonus, be it positive or negative.. 3:- If an item is on sale the percentage off should also be reflected in the supply required to buy the item.. 4:- I'll miss the randomness, three boxes(repeates obviously) dropping was always a nice sight, 5:- There should be no limit to earnable supply, if you play a lot why should you be penalized, new players would not suffer as a result of this, we all know the base infantry cards are the most used/important, & now they can be bought for supply, thats a lot easier than waiting till a certain LvL for 'Vetran training,infantry' or the pain of earning 'With extreem dificulty', through the old challenge system., This mechanic almost gives the impression of a log in reward, thats really not something COH needs. 6:-Should supply ever become purchasable with real money, then this game has really gone in the wrong direction. 7:- Make using more bullitins useable as it was in COH Online, would be a great addition adding to army diversity. Lastly & off topic why can't halftracks tow AT guns.
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    5 years ago
    MakarovMakarov Posts: 1

    My biggest question is what dose it take for a game to be a valid match in order to get points? Does it have to be a win? Does it have to go on for 10 minutes? Etc. Specifics like that mentioned would go a long way.

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