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3 years ago

Dear Community,
I've had trouble fending off riflemen and PPSH conscript assaults recently, MG's get smoked and Grenadiers get hurt pretty badly in anything but long range, and the only other thing are PZG which are really expensive for a unit that gets chewed up so badly due to close range combat, any advice? The ostwind doesn't help at all.


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    3 years ago

    If you are fighting infantry vs infantry then it is important to simply know your ranges. If Grenadiers have enemy troops closing in, have them increase distance while another long range unit attacks the advancing enemy. For PZG you do not need to step on peoples toes in order for them to start dealing heavy damage, they can excel in a sweet spot between the range of USF Riflemen and Soviet Shock Troops. Remember that closing into close combat with assault weapons vs a Rifle Squad or PPSH Cons squad means that you not only take a lot of fire along the way, but the enemy ROF and accuracy also increases as you close distance, so having a second squad to back up the 1st squad to take fire is important. Don't try to assault with a lone PZG squad or they will be focused by every enemy element and forced to retreat and you suddenly have a 360MP hole in your army. Never assault two squads with one squad, even if they are just conscripts, as they can out damage you if micro'ed appropriately. As always a well micro'ed MG is always a good cure for a lot of enemy infantry. Like with the PZG advice, don't be afraid to get a second MG to cover the first, or to cover where you think the enemy will flank from. If you aren't in a building, always station your Grens past the MGs LOS so that you utilize your maximum range; never rely on an MGs natural LOS to cover a flank or you will be flanked yourself.

    On the note of armored AT I do not like getting the Ostwind as Wehr especially as a first armor choice. A PzIV can offer similar results while still providing decent AT support, and with its MG upgrade it can provide ever-so-slight AA support, though obviously nowhere near what the Ostwind can do. With the PzIV always stay out of close combat, especially versus USF and the Soviets or you will get rifle grenaded to death. If the enemy has an AT gun (or guns) make sure you find out about their existence BEFORE they fire at your PzIV. During the enemy assault, AT guns will probably not be advanced far enough to attack your PzIV if it is stationed behind your front line infantry (which it should be initially). If your tank does come under AT fire, immediately use your reverse gear to pull back, but not retreat from battle. Eventually your enemy will have to reposition their AT to close distance with your armor, and your armor can always outrun infantry-crewed AT guns. Your tank should NEVER be on the front line unless you are rolling dice chasing something down. Like with the MG, it can fire beyond it's LOS so use your troops to spot for it. A decent shell can kill several enemy models, and if it is facing its target with its coax MG, hull mount MG, and pintle-mount MG you will start churning out some serious anti-infantry DPS.

    That is all I can think of for now. If you have any specific questions feel free to keep chatting. Get out there and fight!

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