Coh2Chart update - win-ratios etc.

3 years ago
LegendsLegends Posts: 22
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I have finally managed to update Now, it supports arranged teams and you are able to filter statistics by ranking. The data is also downloaded directly from Relic's server. (Yes, Relic gave the permission to do that :blush: ) So now, the charts are really precise!

I have been working on this project for a quite long time. I will try to update this site more often, so feel free to give suggestions. And also please feel free to donate, I would really appreciate it :)

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Here is a picture of a random 2v2 500+ chart:


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    3 years ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,951
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    Great stuff as usual, Legends :)

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    3 years ago
    ImperialDaneImperialD… Posts: 3,021 mod

    Moved it to General discussion since it technically isn't a balance discussion. Very interesting nonetheless though. Very interesting.

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