Outstanding Work

5 years ago
whiteflashwhiteflash United StatesPosts: 8

I dont have time to highlight every reason this new system is outstanding but here are a few.

Removing stacking from intel bulletins...GOOD. Prioritize game balance

Progression bar on player card. GREAT

Reasonable cost for everything. AWESOME

Winners get more reward but losers still get a solid amount of cash. YES

Being able to buy ANYTHING except the extra missions. EXCELLENT

...and i dont know who fixed the map list and added a 1v1 2v2 etc filter so the list is readable but.....THANK YOU!!! It looks and feels SO much better now, i could kiss whoever fixed that....id also buy them a beer. :D Jesus honestly it feels so much better now YES

New warspoils system + Map lists fixed + May balance mod (looking excellent) = COH2 being the best it has ever been.

Endless props for working on all of this guys, these are great steps forward.





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