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5 years ago
Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin
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    5 years ago
    ValeranValeran Posts: 12
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    My minds:
    Because, you must play always too hard for earn trophies, I think what developers must change:
    1) Change trophies to war spoils, after 1 match - one war spoil guarantly, plus for 5 wins + 1 bonus war spoils too
    2) Insane prices curently for items, a bulletin - 1000 supply, one commander - 15000 supply, if you want to receive commander, you must play from 90 to 120 matches (1500 loot point macth + 500 loot point). A lot of fans of game, don't have so much time to play about 60 hours for receiving commander, that they want! Please, make prices much lower, otherwise it's looks like p2w game.
    3) I think 500 supply for duplicate it's ridicilous, I think system must be reworked, it must be cost for duplicate 1/2 price of type item, that dropped, for example bulletin 1000, duplicate bulletin - 500 supply earned, commander 15000 - duplicate commander - 7500.
    4) Make loot exchange beetwen players, like steam exchange system.
    Otherwise, allright in this system, but it's too hard to earn SOMETHING for gamers, that played game for 2-3 hour a day. This system need balancing prices, for make game less p2w game. But it much better than old RNG-war spoils system. Current system In this state, I appreciate in 6/10.

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    5 years ago
    Doktor_SDoktor_S Posts: 134

    @ElizLestrad said:
    I agree whole heartily with everything you said. Most certainly we need one drop per match based off of the faction you played for that match. Trading would also be a great boon to those of us who would like to complete our collections while we're still drawing breath ^^.

    +1 on Trading and more supply

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    5 years ago
    ForeignerForeigner Posts: 2

    I agree, the conversion of items need to be reworked a bit, the war drops must always reward the player with something fair even on the case of duplicates.

    If via drop I get a duplicated item (bulletin, victory strike, commander) I will get instead 500 supplies.

    • A bulletin is worth 1000 in the in-gamestore. A duplicated bulletin is worth 500 for the system. The half, Ok.
    • A faceplate is worth 7500 in the in-gamestore. A duplicated faceplate is worth 500 for the system. 7500 / 500 = 15 times less.
    • A "rare" commander is worth 15000 in the in-gamestore. A duplicated commander is worth 500 for the system. 15000 to 500!!. 15000 / 500 = 30 times less.


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