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4 years ago

Dear Players,
I've been playing OKW a lot recently and I keep getting hung up on garrisons. I don't get grenades until I build my first truck, which forces me into a medic truck, which I'm not that keen on building as 2 of the units there are kinda useless, especially the halftrack, but it take a lot of fuel to get he second truck, should i just stop complaining and get the medic truck, or is there another option


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    4 years ago
    Mr_RuinMr_Ruin Posts: 92

    You can use commanders: with 3CP grenades which devastate garrisons (if you succeed to outmanouver them), or one with jagers, or with fallshims with their smoke and nade;
    0there is also a bulletin which gives Volks 10% suppression resistance, also you can use Walking Stuka if you can spare the fuel.

    It is trickier to deal with garrisons than with most other forces, but you get one of most versatile main infantry, biggest tanks, several types of light tanks, being one of the fastest factions, etc.

    Also medic truck gives you medics, and just by that it is useful, add IG 18 and boom, you have an awesome truck.

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    4 years ago

    I definitely go Medic truck first in 80% of my games. If you are struggling vs garrisoned infantry then the LeIG is definitely a good solution to that. Otherwise your best bet is to be aggressive and get to those important buildings first! In the opening moments of combat, getting to a critical building can be just as important as capturing a point, possibly more so. If you can't get to the building and a Brit occupies a perilous point, don't keep fighting. In that situation if you can't assault the building with Sturmpioneers just leave and go capture other points until you get incendiary grenades/infantry guns. If you have a sturmpio squad nearby, look at the windows on the building in question. If there is a wall with only one or no windows, move into cover nearby with your Sturms and start ventilating that structure. With two squads performing this your enemy will need to evacuate immediately. Obviously this is not perfect for fighting MGs, as they can roast your Sturms, but use your noggin and kick them out.

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