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5 years ago
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    5 years ago
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    I like the new system of supply instead of randomly getting drops


    Bulletins need to stack. They are useless otherwise. 2% turn rate... WOW! Even stacking 3 bulletins was sometimes not beneficial. It takes away a lot of the strategy of the game. When I saw an oppossing OKW player stacking 3 Reaper bulletins to reduce the Volks' shrecks I knew I had to make less Light Tanks and more Anti-Infantry. Or he was bluffing and he completely fooled me! THIS is what makes strategy fun, outplaying/guessing your opponent. The new system with 1 bulletin each is so minor it's almost pointless to even have. Might as well drop bulletins all together and just give faceplates, commanders, and skins.

    My solution

    Make everything limited to 1 EXCEPT bulletins. On the 4th Bulletin it auto recycles for supply. So duplicate commanders, faceplates, and skins are all recycled and turned into supply but bulletins don't recycle until the 4th duplicate.

    Relic's reasoning... stacking was never intended in the first place. Then why were we allowed to gain unlimited amounts of each drop, why were some stacking while some weren't. I think it fits perfectly. If you feel that 3 of a certain type are too strong, nerf it. The strength of the bulletins should be in stacking to fit your strategy.

    It's not hard. Wouldn't take that amount of time. If they say otherwise they are lazy.

    Take it as you will.

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    5 years ago
    Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

    Thanks for the feedback but we've decided to move forward with the removal of stacking bulltins. if you need more info, please read our release notes thread:

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