[Suggestion] Loot point bonuses

5 years ago
F1shF1sh Posts: 31
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Disclamer: Not my suggestion, by got it from this post on the COH2 subreddit. I just modified it a bit.

The idea is that you should get extra loot points for performing better, which I think would encourage players to play better. Currently you only get extra bonuses for winning (+500), but a couple more would be good.

A couple examples I think would work pretty good:

If you win:
+200 Loot Points - Domination: win with over 250vp lead
+200 Loot Points - MVP of the game: highest dmg dealt/kill count (team games)

If you lose:
+250 Loot Points - Valiant defense: bring the enemy down to 50< VPs

Applicable anywhere:
+300 Loot points - No Waste: Never go above 1000 overall resources (1000 is maybe too small)


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    5 years ago
    Doktor_SDoktor_S Posts: 134

    I disagree with the MVP aspect.
    I dont get many kills, but 90% of games have more than twice the amount of points captured of the second closest comrade, and even sometimes my points capped is greater than the whole enemy team combined.
    And to stooge me and every other player who is meant to be pushing the front lines constantly is not fair.


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