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5 years ago
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This discussion was created from comments split from: Match Validation Feedback.


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    (Notice before reading below posts:This post is transfered from a post written by me at previous Alpha forum and has been recomposed to adapt to this War Spoils Open Beta Forum.The main content of below post is related to War Spoils System Feedback,but there are also some valuable suggestions or issues which seems have less relations to War Spoils subject and they are written as "By the way".So,Relic,please don't misunderstand this post and I will really appreciate it if Relic could respond one by one to the content my post has.)
    1. Is that if I want to obtain some war spoil items,my computer must be online during a whole game course,true?But I'm always playing in China,the network in China is not good.(I have to buy & use VPN service to connect Relic server,but the network connection is still unsteady.)So,I often earn nothing though I have won the battle and meet the rule of validation.(I often play with AI in Custom game mode.)My suggestion:Can you let the "statistic analysis of data"(which contains the judge of the award that the player should obtain) for per game round storable in user's hard disk without network,and when player restores the network connection,the Warspoil system will automatic sync and validate with the Relic server and update the player's Warspoil achievement in server.If my advice could be accepted,players will obtain items just with stand-alone successfully.But we still need network to sync and validate our Warspoil achievements with Relic server.The server is the guarantee to safeguard the next launch of the game can bring in the latest player's warspoil status.The most important thing that I want Relic know about this is if a player fail again and again at validation just because of internet connection issue,and result in earning nothing,this is so annoying and disappointing to these players,and this also waste much time if the players finish a match just want to gain some War Loot Spoils,though some of them,like me,don't care about any war spoils,intel bulletins or commanders at all,because I can win a match without any of them completely!
    2. About game mode:I have played a lot during this test so far. I love playing custom mode vs AI because I can use “pause” button to pause the game and have chance to assign my orders or take a screenshot from a nice angle of view.But in automatch mode,I can’t pause the game, so there is not enough time to reaction and often cause a imperfect match.In other words,I want to be like a perfect movie director when I’m playing any games,I want the situation and the whole process of every game round is completely under my control and my design,so the whole process or replay of each match will be a perfect artwork like a movie which come out of my hand.(By the way,can Relic add the “pause” function in automatch mode?Relic can take example by the “surrender vote” function in automatch mode:when most of players in one match agree to pause,the “pause” function will be enabled.And when the system detect all the players have made all orders to all units they owned and all players have confirmed they have done all decisions in one round,the system will remove the paused status and let the game go on,after all players’ units have completed the actions they are told to do,the game will be auto-paused again.This sounds like a Turn-based Strategy Game,but actually it’s not TBS game,because even if add “pause” function in automatch,all of the things are still happen simultaneously,no matter the players’ action decisions or any data calculate & change of units still occur in real-time.) But sadly,although I have tried every options in custom mode and played this beta version COH2 again & again,I still have no loot points earned.(for instance:no matter I’m using no mods,win conditions is 250 or 500 or 1000 points,and no matter maps is Relic’s official maps or not,I still can’t obtain any loot points.)Strangely, I played one automatch v.s other unfamiliar players and I lost at last,but I unexpectedly gained 1500 loot points at the end of this failing match.As you know,I can’t gain anything even if I play struggling and win at last no matter how many matches I played in custom mode.
    3.Just as lots of people’s hope,I want to know what concrete content is on earth in Relic’s custom game mode restriction and the specific rule of the whole War spoils system?Will a player earn more supply or loot points with a match round has more time period?Does players get more supply points with playing a gamemode of 1000 victory points win condition than playing win condition of 500 victory points?(Because usually a 1000 victory points gamemode match will go through a longer time period to finish than a 500 victory points mode.So,the spended time, striving and contribution of a player with playing 1000 victory points mode is much more than playing 500 victory points mode.)And I want to know what maps on earth is Relic’s official maps?Whether the spotlight maps is official maps or not?Whether the maps have tags with “British Forces”/”Ardennes Assault”/”US Forces”/”Eastern Front” is official maps or not?I want Relic give me an answer,thank you.

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    5 years ago
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    Hi Mate,

    Good observations on Chinese players.
    My concern about this is it will be open to abuse. What is stopping me from opening the file that will need to be synced, and changing that I've played 1 to 100 matches, and won 99 of them?

    Number 2:
    I agree for pause on auto-match vs AI but not vs real players, as this would require a lot of work on Relic's part.



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