UKF Mortar Pits in 1v1 (Small Maps)

3 years ago

People have probably asked this question before, but I can't find the threads.

What's the best way to approach fortified pits built behind UKF lines around early-mid game? I find really hard to take them out especially in maps like Semoisky, and when the opposition picks the land mattress as well, I get so lost. They slowly bleed me out in MP and VP's with any attempts to push through, I just slowly wither away and fall behind. Stuka helps, but building one puts me even more behind.



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    3 years ago
    Xutryn_X7Xutryn_X7 Posts: 204

    Use 2 support gun and rakkentenwerfer(optional)have also one stuka.If he go land matres,just counter it with stuka.It's easy in 1vs1/2vs2 to destroy cancer emplacements

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