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5 years ago
illequineillequine DublinPosts: 51
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I have a lot of what some might see as negative points here.
There are a few things i think have been at least biased, or at worst ill-thought through in the beta.

Beta testing this game with so few people means that a lot of the functionality of the game cannot be tested without an inordinate amount of time involved. Particularly Co-op versus AI games, and pvp.
Testing for me purely involved playing versus AI in 20-30 minute games. To which end i would receive warspoils points or after 3 games a warspoil.

So in essence, an hour and half = 1 thing i can potentially test. This leads to my thinking, okay.. i'll just play with an Expert AI, against an easy AI and let the AI get the win for me in around 12 minutes, so 3x12 = 36 approximately boring minutes per warspoil. Which again, isnt really testing the system more than it is my patience.

Starting with no bulletins, and a handful of commanders means that the chance of me getting a duplicate are extremely remote. I cannot test that properly without putting in hundreds of hours, even at 36 minutes per warspoil.

After 10 or 12 games over the last few weeks, testing it when i can. I have only once recieved supply points (and 500 SP isn't very much). So i cant test the store as most items cost a hell of a lot more than 500 SP.

Now, that's the negative stuff out of the way..

The system itself is fundamentally good and will probably be more of a reward to long-term players and people like myself who have thousands of hours played. But it wont be as rewarding to new people. In fact it may even look intimidating to have so many bulletins and commanders to unlock through the system. So much so that they wont bother after their first few.

What i would propose would be to increase the amount of SP you get from warspoils to say.. 2500 and incrementally higher on higher difficulties, leave the prices the same on the store. That way it actually looks achievable of getting that shiny new commander you've always wanted within a week or two of casual play, or a day or two of hardcore grinding.
As it is right now in the beta, that system would better suit an off the shelf game than it would a 3 year old classic with a waning playerbase.

I would also suggest another alternative, leave the entire system as it is right now but remove bulletins from warspoils. Make them attainable through other means, ie: get X amount of kills with an MG42 to unlock all MG42 bulletins, and so on with all other units.
With bulletins removed the WSsystem as it stands right now would make more sense if you make the older commanders (the green rarity ones) have a reasonable drop chance as a warspoil. ie:

  • green commander - 40% chance to drop - can be scavenged for double normal supply points.
  • blue commander - 10% chance to drop - can be scavenged for triple normal supply points.
  • new commanders - will never drop, can only be purchased with SP or cash through the store - cannot be scavenged.
  • supply points - will always drop if no commander drops.

Sorry for the gargantuan post, but i felt it needed to be said, and while some people probably wont agree with me, i think the system does need to change from what is a fundamentally good system into a fun and great system without looking too much like a business model.

Thanks for the opportunity to test the warspoils beta and in any case i look forward to continually playing CoH2



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    5 years ago
    Mr_RuinMr_Ruin Posts: 92

    Getting bulletins through achievements already did exist, and it was as daunting as this system. Kill 10 IS-2s with Tigers and vice versa - how many times does that happens? Kill 100 Vehicles with B-4??? Kill 5 Tigers with M-42 AT??????????

    Also, 500 points is way too small. 1000 would be much better. I understand they need to keep the servers going, but if I would get something I already own instead I get points to buy half of the cheapest thing, and 1/30 of most expensive. Math is ludicrous. If I want a commander and don't have luck to get it trough war spoils, I need to play 90 matches at the very least. and that is only one commander. 5 armies times 2 commanders (some starting ones are good, and maybe I get some from war spoils) times 90 matches?

    If this was a new game, ok, I would understand. But it is several years old, and replacement (DoW3) is being made. So lots of new players will probably just give up. And expect similar from next Relic projects, and you lose revenue in the long run.

    And it is not that they would lose a lot of revenue. Those who are impatient will pay for a new commander no matter is it 90 matches or 45. Those who don't want to pay for it, won't do it if it was 5 matches or 1000 matches. And that is it.

    This war spoils project is a step in the right direction, but getting more points or cheaper prices would be even better.

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    5 years ago
    Doktor_SDoktor_S Posts: 134

    @illequine Great post mate!
    Have an upvote!

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    5 years ago
    illequineillequine DublinPosts: 51

    @Doktor_S said:
    @illequine Great post mate!
    Have an upvote!

    thanks :)

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    5 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948
    edited May 2016

    I'm surprised at the amount of effort they are putting into removing stacking yet insist it's not meant to be a useful feature.
    Their going ahead to removing also doesn't make sense. Only about 63% approve without reservation (I suppose that means they don't give a damn?), and they cite less than 4% of matches actually using stacked bulletins .
    But so what if less than 4% of players use stacked bulletins? Are they causing a disruption to the game? If not, then why bother? Don't fix if it ain't broke. Sure some bulletins might cause problems, but maybe just nerf those bulletins to the point where they're about as trivial a change as the other 95% of bulletins?
    According to them, there is ZERO problem with stacking as it is now, it was simply not something they intended to have in the first place. That's hardly an issue that's affecting players and their bottom line, if anything it will help because I want to get X commander and Y skin but I also want 3x of a certain bulletin, I can either grind myself to death to get them all, or spend the supply on bulletins and buy the others with money. Keeping stacking of bulletins actually benefits Relic, because the players can and want 3x the amount of content they cannot just buy with money but require supply to get. Worst case scenario they ignore and concentrate on DLC items.

    If there's a problem with the game as a result then I've never seen it in the last three years. Being able to spend 79 munitions instead of 90 to get panzerschreck because of my 3x Grim Reaper Tool bulletins hardly resulted in an automatic win, even if I blobbed the hell out of Volksgrenadiers. It also means that the more I stack the less advantages I have on other things, it works itself out, yet trivial enough to the point where they're not overpowered. Not to mention, it's not going to solve the "problem" of players choosing three different Tiger bulletins, which might actually cause a balance problem. If there's a problem, it's not stacking bulletins. And looking at the closing notes, Relic sees no problem at all.

    They're not going to remove bulletins because they're like 80% of war spoils content. That means a great majority of the content is removed and people's supply will go towards buying commanders and skins and other things they want yo to pay real money for.

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    5 years ago
    ZaatosZaatos Posts: 12
    I agree the new system will be quite daunting to new players.

    I agree the removal of stacking was a poor lazy decision to fix the problem of a miniscule amount of bulletins being slightly overpowered when stacked. They have made no indication they intend to fix all the useless bulletins that exist.

    In my opinion they should have completely removed getting duplicates since they'll always be worth less when salvaged than when receiving a new item. With that said they won't give items for factions you don't have now, which is good but again if they can restrict faction bulletins why not restrict duplicate items. It's not any different in that you can still salvage the new item if you don't like it, it's just a better chance to get stuff you don't have, which must be why they aren't doing it.

    Lastly I feel a large amount of the 83% that think the system should go live is because the current system is horrible in comparison. Yet they still expect it to be worked on and refined, at least that's how I feel.


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