Commander Suggestion [USF] Siegebreaker Doctrine

4 years ago
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Got an idea for a new USF commander, I call it the "Siegebreaker". Specifically my idea comes from the battles at Bastogne and Hurtgen forest. I envision this doctrine to improve what the USF already excels at, overrunning the germans with fast vehicles supported by tactical infantry abilities.

1 CP - Trench Buster Squad

360 manpower - Call in tough-as-nails 4-man squad armed with Browning A-5 shotguns and M15 willie pete grenades. the grenades can block LOS and have a small damage over time component. Effective at close range only.

3 CP - Supply Drop Zone

Same as the Ostruppen doctrine ability. This ability makes sense for Americans as they historically used air drops to resupply their stranded front line troops in the Battle of the Bulge.

4 CP - Improvised Vehicle Armor

American tanks, armored cars, and halftracks can be upgraded with improvised armor using sandbags and spare tracks. This upgrade will improve the front armor only. cost 50 Munition per vehicle

8 CP - M18 Hellcat

The fastest American tank destroyer, armed with a 76mm M1A2 cannon. Historically this tank was used in conjunction with American paratroopers during the Battle of the Bulge. Fuel cost will be slightly less than the Jackson, Manpower equal.

10 CP - Incendiary Bombing Strike

Similar to the Russians "Incendiary Artillery Barrage" Cost: 150 munition



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    4 years ago
    PanzerFaustPanzerFau… NoPosts: 284
    I like it, especially the Trench busters.
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    4 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948

    Trench Buster squad sounds a bit implausible, even if you ignore the impractical. I rather cooked grenades than WP since pack howitzer can use it for only 25 munitions and at much longer range.

    I like the idea of supply drops but it looks like Relic wants it to be a Ostheer/ Soviet thing given their exclusivity. I'd rather it be a weapons drop for a bit more than you'd spend on weapons rack, I really hate marching my guys back to base just to pick up a weapon, in vCoH1 you could at least alternate between retreating between base and captain, but there's no such alternative for USF.

    I rather the improvised vehicle armour either be something the vehicle can do on their own, USF vehicles are squishy and require lots of micro, and improving only front armour won't really help. I don't think 50 munitions that improves the overall durability by like 10-20 isn't that overpowered, and if it is I'd gladly trade the ability to upgrade to pintle 50cal for it.

    They won't make a new vehicle just to perform like the M10 and M36, it might as well just be M10, which has the benefit of cheaper cost and not need Major unlocked. If you want historical, the M18 was a dead-end given it's gun.

    And for a Bastogne theme, the air strike should be P-47 rocket strafe, not incendiary artillery.

    Having said that, the commander idea would result in something like this:

    -Trench Busters (Passive): Riflemen can activate this ability for a duration, they deploy shotguns and

    -Light Weapons Drop

    -Improvised Vehicle Armour (Passive)


    P-47 Rocket Strafe: either single strafe, or like Airborne Company

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