New Commander Idea ''Storm Doctrine''

4 years ago
HasharinHasharin Posts: 9
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Hello guys, i have been thinking for a while about the perfect commander for maps with many lake's and rivers destroyed bridges etc.
this commander is focused on the offensive (Attack), special abilities and weapons doctrine, it fits the OKW standards as an elite force.

0 CP - Breakthrough Tactics
(+25 % Vehicle speed, vehicles can capture points)

2 CP - Radio Silence
(When activated, all units are hidden on the enemy mini-map)

3CP - Panzer Camouflage
(Camouflage Ability to hide mechanized vehicles from enemy recon planes and radars the ability activates at 3 veteran stars on Panzers, Vehicle will camouflage itself and move at -50% speed. Vehicle cannot take projectile based damage when cloaked)

6CP - Brückenleger Panzer IV(Bridgelayer)
(Panzer IV Converted to a bridgelayer to pass an obstacle)

10CP - Panther PzKpfw V Command Tank
(This command unit will improve the sight radius and movement of german vehicles)

Please upvote if u like this idea

I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think to improve this.



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    4 years ago
    y03y03 Posts: 1,075
    My main gripes with this doctrine:
    3CP panzer camouflage, ummmmm OKW have 2 panzers already with that, called the jagdpanzer 4 and panzer 2 luchs.

    (Also presuming this applies to all other panzers and not mechanized stuff like pumas and halftracks), assuming this is an active ability, wouldn't this be a tad bit OP? Like think about it, you have this damaged engine panther/ panzer 4 that just hides behind a building just as you are pursuing it, and cloaks, assuming its instant like russian AT cloak, geez that would be bullshit because even if you found him by accidentally moving too close and revealing him, hes more likely to get the single shot off that causes you to lose.

    Also, this ability just screams OP if used on stuff like king tigers, with them just popping out of existence literally out of nowhere. (Say if you were doing some gigantic armored push, only to have all your tanks annihilated because of that hidden KT up your ass.)

    Bridgelayer sounds a bit undoable with this game's engine as well.....
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    4 years ago
    HasharinHasharin Posts: 9

    Yes you are right about the KT Camouflaged etc. Sadly about this game engine that it cant create it.

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    4 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948

    Some issues with the idea:
    There's already a commander called Storm Doctrine;
    A commander designed to deal with specific maps isn't what I'd call a very good commander, just redesign to be a bit more versatile;
    Camouflage is more of a defensive force multiplier, so it's not very useful to add an ability where multiple types of OKW vehicles can cloak themselves, especially given that some can already do so. The closest equivalent, Ostheer's Ambush Camouflage, requires munitions, only applies in cover, and only to specific infantry units. In any case, the idea overlaps with Radio Silence, so either one becomes redundant;
    Capturing vehicles is pointless since Kubel, a T0 vehicle, can do that on it's own;
    Radio Silence I cannot comment on since I rarely play PvP, but with that said I can only say it's useless against AI opponents.
    I don't think a dedicated medium vehicle with no weapon capabilities will be a good idea. Do vehicles even have noticeable movement penalties in water or mud? I never noticed in all my years. In any case the impediments would be things like mud and snow rather than water.

    With that in mind, I'd make an assault-oriented doctrine utilizing some of your ideas like such:

    -Counterattack Tactics: infantry neutralizes enemy sectors faster
    -Emergency Repairs
    -Terrain Tactics: infantry and vehicles can upgrade (or granted as passive bonus) to have a reduction/ removal of movement penalties from places like mud, snow and water
    -Panther Command Tank

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    4 years ago
    HasharinHasharin Posts: 9

    Yes, its just a idea what i got thank you for your thoughts.

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